Over 17 seasons, it’s easy to think that Grey’s Anatomy It may have done it all when it comes to medical dramas. As the longest running show of its kind in television history, the series has covered everything from bizarre medical cases to both metaphorical and literal workplace explosions. However, throughout its run, fans have also pointed out that the show has suffered from some disappointments in the story arc and obvious plot holes.

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Aside from these, some have also questioned various work practices displayed at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. These are some of the most surprising.

10 Residents who work long hours

Grey's Anatomy residents work long hours.

The pilot episode of the show is considered one of the best on television to this day. It introduces everyone to Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) and her fellow interns as they struggle to keep up with the doctors and patients during their first day at Seattle Grace. In the episode, they go through a grueling first shift, working longer hours than the more experienced doctors. However, in reality, hospitals cannot extend the working hours of physicians beyond a specified period of time. Specifically, the Libby Zion law states that they must only work up to 80 hours per week.

9 The guard room turns into a kissing room

In hospitals, the on-call room provides temporary accommodation to a doctor who needs to stay in the hospital longer due to an ongoing medical case. A typical guard room features a bed, and in some cases it may also have a desk and even a full en-suite bathroom. That said, hospitals generally don’t expect anything unprofessional to happen in these rooms, and doctors don’t easily associate these rooms with hot, steamy sex. Of course, it can happen from time to time, but, in Grey’s Anatomy, make it seem like it’s normal practice.

8 Doctors spend too much time with patients

It is understood that physicians have a duty to care for the patient. After all, your job is to find out the patient’s condition and provide a course of treatment as needed. That said, doctors typically don’t spend more time than necessary with patients.

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In fact, it is the nurses who tend to spend the most time with them. What Andrew Holtz, a former CNN medical correspondent, told Monster, “A lot of what you see on the show is what nurses do in terms of patient care.”

7 Interns who have an intimate relationship with a superior

Understandably, the show needs to delve into the personal lives of doctors to remain interesting. That said, Gray Sloan Memorial appears to be the only hospital where doctors tend to connect with each other, even if one is an intern while the other has a larger role.

This was exactly what happened with Meredith and Derek (Patrick Dempsey). Of course, none of them knew they were doctors when they got hooked. However, some found it questionable that the two continued to see each other, as other hospitals would have objected to their relationship.

6 Doctors who use defibrillators incorrectly

It is true that scenes of critically ill patients are often compelling and Grey’s Anatomy, Situations in which patients are resolved in critical conditions occur all the time. When this happens, a defibrillator arrives on the scene more frequently, as doctors try to bring the patient back. However, this is not how it is done in real life hospitals.

“When a heart stops contracting, a massive electric shock will do nothing”, the National CPR Association explained. “The correct treatment would be to administer CPR and epinephrine.” In other words, Gray Sloan has been doing it wrong all this time.

5 Doctors performing tapeless intubation

Doctors would normally choose to intubate a patient if it is evident that he is unable to breathe on his own. In Grey’s Anatomy, fans may have seen their favorite physicians intubate patients multiple times over the years, and while it may appear that they are doing it correctly, actual physicians have noted that Gray Sloan’s guidelines for performing intubation need an overhaul. serious, since it doesn’t seem to specify the use of tape. In an interview with Doing, Amanda Kirzner explained that “in real life, we always use duct tape because the tube easily slides out of its correct position.”

4 Interns able to bypass an older resident by speaking directly to an assistant

Grey's Anatomy interns without going through standard protocol.

When Meredith started at the hospital, she and her fellow interns reported directly to Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), her resident. In a typical hospital, inmates report to a resident and residents report to an assistant.

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However, Gray Sloan seems to enjoy blurring the line between hierarchical levels of physicians. For whatever reason, interns can easily request that an assistant be assigned to a patient’s case without first asking a resident for permission. In a real life hospital, this system would cause chaos as the resident would not know which intern is still available to care for a patient.

3 Doctors always insist on surgery

Of course, there are many medical cases that tend to be treated surgically. But, at Gray Sloan Memorial, that seems to be the case most of the time. This is especially the case for patients who are taken to the hospital emergency room.

In fact, a study conducted by St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center revised 29 Grey’s Anatomy The episodes found that 71 percent of the show’s ER patients were taken to the operating room. In contrast, only about 25 percent of ER patients are rushed to surgery in real life.

two First-year residents who spend a lot of time in the operating room

Gray Sloan Memorial is perhaps the only hospital that easily allows its first-year residents to participate in operating room procedures very early in their careers. In fact, fans of the show saw Meredith and her fellow interns join the attending physicians in the operating room on more than one occasion during the show’s first season.

However, in real-life hospitals, first-year residents are unlikely to have operating room time. It didn’t even matter if the intern and assistant were in a relationship, like Meredith and Derek or Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Burke (Isaiah Washington).

1 More frequent dependence on experimental treatment than usual

Grey's Anatomy Experimental Treatments.

Hospitals generally do not like to propose experimental treatments for patients, as most of the time they are more dangerous than helpful. Therefore, they could pose an unnecessary risk to the patient. Worse still, there is never a guarantee that it will work and that the patient will recover.

That said, Gray Sloan seems to have a habit of going the experimental route when it comes to treating his patients. Even more problematic, the process for obtaining permission to begin this course of treatment appears to be too accessible, even lax.

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