When it comes to parenting, everyone tends to have different roles. One is usually the disciplining, while the other is more of the loving type. That is also true for Hinata and Naruto, albeit to a more extreme degree. Hinata prevails more in the lives of Boruto and Himawari, there to nurture them.

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In most cases, she is the best mother. However, Naruto does have his moments where his duty as a Hokage doesn’t take him away from what matters most to him.

10 Hinata: She’s really close to raising children

One blow that’s always going to go against Naruto when it comes to parenting is that he’s not close enough. His job as a Hokage is rightfully his focus, leaving his family as high school. This is why he often uses shadow clones around him rather than being there in person.

That is not true for Hinata, who is always close to children at every step of her life. With children as young as hers, being close is the key, an example of Boruto’s first great arc regarding the absence of his father.

9 Naruto: Protected his son from a raging Himawari

On the day of his inauguration as Hokage, Naruto had to step in to defend his son after he accidentally broke one of Himawari’s toys. The results were not favorable for anyone involved as Himawari attacked with the Gentle Fist, knocking her father unconscious and causing him to miss his own ceremony.

Still, it shows courage and good parenting to get involved when your children are fighting, especially when you are taking sides.

8 Hinata: Give firm and fair punishments to Boruto for acting

When Boruto was caught classless and causing harm to Hokage Rock, it was Hinata’s turn to punish him as Naruto wasn’t around to do it. She was tough but fair to him, realizing that the reason Boruto was acting was because he desperately wanted his father’s attention, willing to do whatever he could to do so.

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In many ways, he looked a lot like his father when he was younger, and he did whatever he thought would get people to pay attention to him.

7 Naruto: Explaining to Boruto that the whole town is a family

When Naruto surprised Boruto smashing Hokage Rock, he took the opportunity to explain why his job as Hokage is so important and why the whole village is one big family. Despite his absence, a family is very important to Naruto, as he never had one as a child.

He tried to convey those same feelings to Boruto, and although he didn’t sink into his son until later, he signed up and Boruto became a better person because of it, finally seeing his father in a different light.

6 Hinata: Tell Boruto that he should clarify to Himawari that he forgot his gift

Injured at Boruto Hospital

During Boruto’s school trip to Kirigakure, he promised to bring his sister a souvenir from the village. Given what happened on the trip, it’s understandable that Boruto forgot about the gift when he returned, which made Himawari angry.

When asked about his attitude, Hinata reminded him of his promise and explained that he should be honest about forgetting his sister instead of trying to lie to avoid his feelings. A family should always be honest with each other.

5 Naruto: spending parent-child day with your kids despite being exhausted

As busy as he was, Naruto made sure to spend the newly created Parent-Child Day with his children. Most of the day was spent with Himawari as they searched everywhere for a Kurama doll that she wanted, and in the end they had to decide on Shukaku.

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The great part was not so much spending time with the children. It’s that he did it while he was completely exhausted. At the end of the day, he still had time to apologize to Boruto, spending the rest of the night training with him.

4 Hinata: Explained to Himawari and Boruto that not everyone can be classified as good or bad

During the Byakuya Gang Arc, Himawari asked her mother if the gang was good or bad, and Boruto expressed that he thought they were bad. Hinata explained that not everyone can be classified as good or bad, that there is a middle ground, that people can often be wrong.

Given the types of villains Naruto was known for, this is not that surprising as many of them had good intentions with their actions, even people like Madara.

3 Naruto: disqualifying Boruto from the Chunin exams and stripping him of his ninja title

Naruto catches Boruto while cheating

When Naruto caught Boruto cheating in his Chunin Exam match, he wasted no time admonishing his son. He revealed the Kote to everyone present, disqualified it, and removed the headband.

Some would say that this shouldn’t have been handled in public, but Boruto needed this moment to realize that he couldn’t keep taking the easy path and that he needed to work hard for whatever he wanted. It is the perfect teaching moment for any parent.

two Hinata: comforting her children and telling them that Naruto is doing the best he can

There have been many times that Naruto’s absence has been felt, none more than during Himawari’s birthday, where everyone thought he was actually present. Unbeknownst to anyone else, he was just a shadow clone, the reveal happened when his daughter’s cake fell to the ground after he ran away.

To his credit, Hinata is always in Naruto’s corner, trying to explain that he is doing the best he can and that he always loves them.

1 Naruto: helping foster Boruto’s growth as a ninja

Hinata certainly helped with her son’s progress, always there to support him in whatever he wanted to do, but it was Naruto who took a more active role in that.

He began to help train Boruto, getting Sasuke to help where he couldn’t. During the battle against Momoshiki, he did not try to stop his son, and that confidence is what helped them achieve the defeat of the Otsutsuki member. His father and son Rasengan is one of the bright spots in the Boruto series.

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