Attack on TitanThe last season has made it one of the most important shows out there. The show shows just how brilliant it can be with its mix of action, great mythology, and its meditation on war and its effects on those who fight. While things have changed a lot, one thing that has not been the danger posed by the Titans and the horrible deaths they can cause.

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The X-Men are one of the formidable teams in the Marvel Universe, having faced all manner of dangerous threats over the years, but how would they deal with the Titans? Their powers and abilities make them formidable, and there are some members who could defeat the Titans on their own and some who could not.

10 CAN BEAT A TITAN: Magik’s sword and teleportation abilities would make killing Titan easier

Magik is one of the most powerful X-Men. Not only can she teleport herself and her teammates anywhere she wishes, but she is a master of magic and a skilled swordsman. These abilities would serve him well against a Titan, allowing him to stay out of its clutches and take it down.

Magik’s Soulsword is a powerful weapon, and that, combined with her teleportation abilities, would make her an expert titan slayer. Any Titan you come up against will not be able to grab it, it will not stay in front of you. He could cut off her limbs, pinning her down before delivering the final blow to the back of her neck.

9 CAN’T: Beast couldn’t make the cut

Beast is one of the founding members of the X-Men, and his acrobatic skill, super strength, and scientific knowledge have helped him save the day for the team many times over. His years of experience have served him well in all manner of battles, and although he has turned murky in recent years, he is still a formidable hero and a veteran of the superhero game.

While he is certainly strong and fast enough not to be an easy target for a Titan, he has no weapons that allow him to deliver the fatal blow to the back of the head. He has claws, but they are not enough to land a fatal blow, giving the Titan time to grab him and finish him off.

8 CAN BEAT A TITAN: Cyclops’ optical blasts would allow him to disarm a Titan

Cyclops is the complete package when it comes to members of the X-Men. He is the most prolific leader on the team, highly skilled and experienced, and his optical blasts are an extremely formidable power, one that he is used to having a devastating effect over the years. While a Titan is tough to beat, Cyclops could keep a cool head and defeat him.

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A Titan and a Sentinel have a lot in common and Cyclops has been destroying Sentinels since he was a teenager. His optical blasts would make it child’s play for him to disarm a Titan, eventually decapitate it, and cut the back of its neck. He wouldn’t even have that much trouble doing it.

7 CAN’T: Psylocke wouldn’t be able to stay ahead of a Titan long enough


Psylocke’s history can be quite confusing, but she is one of the most skilled members of the X-Men, a ninja assassin with incredible telepathic abilities. While her abilities have served her well over the years in her battles against the enemies of the X-Men, they won’t help her much against a Titan.

Her telepathy would have little to no effect against the mindless beast, and while she is a fairly acrobatic combatant, she is only human. Dodging a Titan’s attacks would tire her, and her fatigue would work against her. Even if she could avoid their attacks, she would find it difficult to land a blow to the back of the head before the Titan caught her.

6 CAN BEAT A TITAN: Nightcrawler would do the quick work of a Titan

Nightcrawler with a Mark Bagley sword

Nightcrawler is one of the most skilled members of the X-Men, a former circus performer whose acrobatic skills, teleportation powers, and swashbuckling sword skills have often meant the difference between victory and defeat for the team. His powers and abilities make him a perfect Titan killing machine and allow him to kill many of the monsters.

Nightcrawler’s ability to blend in with shadows would allow him to easily avoid a Titan before teleporting away and striking the killing blow with his sword. Even if he tried a more frontal approach, his extreme mobility would still allow him to defeat as many Titans as he could before fatigue caught up with him.

5 CAN’T: Gambit just isn’t fast enough

Remy LeBeau

Gambit’s kinetic energy powers have made him a great addition to the X-Men. He is also an extremely agile combatant, depending on those skills to keep him out of the way of his enemies. While his powers would allow him to take down a Titan if he were in position, the problem comes with him getting into that position while avoiding attacks.

Titans are very fast for creatures that are so large, capable of easily crushing Survey Corps soldiers on the move with their ODM gear. Gambit is fast, but was unable to change direction in time to prevent a Titan from devouring him before he could take him down.

4 CAN BEAT A TITAN: Rogue’s flight and super strength could put her through many titans

rogue xmen

Rogue’s power-diverting abilities wouldn’t be of much help against the Titans, but her other abilities would. It can fly to give it a mobility advantage, its durability would allow it to survive attack from any Titan if it were lucky enough to grab it, and super strength means it could tear a Titan apart.

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You can circle a Titan, avoiding its rapturing hands. Once behind the Titan, he can deliver a blow strong enough to pierce the back of the neck, making the monster work quickly. The amount of Titan that could kill Rogue would likely clear Paradis Island in hours.

3 CAN’T: Banshee failed to deliver a killing blow


Banshee has been with the X-Men for a long time. His sonic scream and flying skills have served him well, but they wouldn’t help him against a Titan. While he could definitely avoid a Titan with his flight and even use his sonic scream to keep the Titans at bay, it would not allow him to land a blow that would take the Titan out.

Banshee could stay safe and hold off the Titans for a long time with his powers, but his inability to land a strike that would kill a Titan would make it a hopeless fight. Eventually, he would tire out and become the Titan Chow.

two CAN BEAT A TITAN: Wolverine would be an expert titan slayer

Wolverine Brown Costume

Wolverine is the best at what he does, and in this case, that would be killing Titan. Wolverine’s healing factor and adamantium skeleton have allowed him to survive all sorts of battles and would make it very difficult for a Titan to hurt him. Even if he were able to control it, he couldn’t break through.

Even if it were swallowed whole, it could break through, dealing massive damage to the Titan. At that point, it would be easy for him to get behind the Titan and strike the killing blow with his foot-long claws, making it easier for him to kill the Titans.

1 CAN’T: Professor X’s powers wouldn’t matter


Professor X is a reliable telepath, but that wouldn’t help him against a Titan. While he has regained the use of his legs, his powers still don’t make him much of a threat against something that is essentially meaningless.

As powerful as he is, Professor X’s mental powers have never been extended to telekinesis, meaning he couldn’t really offend a Titan. While it’s much more mobile than it used to be, it couldn’t stay out of a Titan’s path for long and would end up eating for one.

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