Bravely Default 2 has a real ending that requires a bit of work to unlock. Here’s everything you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s true secret ending.

Actually, there are several endings to Bravely Default 2, and players will have to try harder to reach the true and secret ending of the game. Here you have everything you need to know Bravely Default 2The true ending, including how to get it and what story elements it changes.

To see Bravely Default 2In the true ending, players will first have to defeat the final boss of the game. This is already a great feat, since Bravely Default 2Difficulty is nothing to laugh at, even in Casual mode. At this point, Adelle’s sister Edna is trying to eradicate the world with the power of The Night’s Nexus, which is so powerful that there is no way to stop it, even after Edna is defeated. Gloria sacrifices herself with the power of the Crystals to save the world, and the credits for Bravely Default 2 will run. However, if players load the same save file after this, they will be treated to some new cutscenes that hint at a better and true ending to the game.

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Players will have the option to leave before the final boss fight now, which means that Gloria is still safe and sound. This begins a quest in the fairyland to learn how to truly defeat Nexus. This unlocks a new city, Mag Mell, as well as some of the best weapons in the game. Eventually this leads players into the fight with Nexus, only this time, they have Esmeralda (the queen of the fairies) and the other fairies with them. Once again, Nexus proves to be too strong and the fairies lock this place in time, which means that the fairies are also locked in time. Adelle joins them, which means that Gloria is now saved but Adelle is lost. Fortunately, there is still one more ending.

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Bravely Default 2’s multiple endings explained

Once again, players will need to upload their save file to watch some additional cutscenes and learn about Sir Sloane’s asterisk, the Bravebearer, that players must acquire. After doing so, players will need to obtain all the asterisks in the game, including optional ones such as the Salve-Maker job and the player. After this, a purple icon will appear in the save menu for players to click, leading them to Bravely Default 2true ending.

Eventually, players will be able to face The Night’s Nexus one last time. With all the asterisks obtained and some help from friends, the party will defeat Nexus once and for all and the players will win. Bravely Default 2 and witness its true (and happier) ending.

Coming to the true end of Bravely Default 2 it undoubtedly requires a lot of work. It’s a significant time commitment for a game that’s already quite long, as well as having challenging additional boss fights. However, for the players who follow him, Bravely Default 2The true ending is happier than any of the above.

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