Despite being the son of Goku, Gohan wore Piccolo’s gear for most of Dragon Ball Z. Here’s why the young Super Saiyan honored the Namekian.

One of the most powerful warriors of all Dragon Ball is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, Gohan, whose mixed Saiyan and human heritage made him a formidable fighter from a very young age at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. While Gohan’s father trained him multiple times throughout the manga / anime franchise, the young Super Saiyan chose to wear Piccolo-inspired fighting gear instead of Goku for much of the time. DBZ.

By choosing this distinctive outfit, Gohan has shown how much Piccolo means to him, not just as a mentor but as a surrogate father figure during Goku’s long absences in his life.

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At the beginning of DBZ, Piccolo was still Goku’s most important enemy after trying to follow in his father’s footsteps to conquer the world. The two rivals agreed to put aside their differences to work together and defeat Raditz, Goku’s evil long-lost brother who tried to end humanity. The resulting battle ended with Goku dead and Piccolo deciding to train Gohan in anticipation of the arrival of even more powerful Saiyans arriving on Earth in about a year.

Piccolo trained Gohan to tap into his latent potential and become a strong warrior in his own right. Complete with a version of Piccolo’s Namek clothing, Gohan’s influence caused Piccolo to appreciate humanity and reluctantly turn away from evil ways to become a committed Z fighter. The bond between the two became apparent when Piccolo heroically sacrificed his life to protect Gohan from Nappa, leaving the boy visibly heartbroken.

For much of his time on Namek, Gohan retained Piccolo’s clothing, only switching to Saiyan armor to give him more protection before the impending fight against Frieza. After training with Goku and Piccolo for the arrival of the prophesied androids on Earth, Gohan kept his usual Namekian clothes in battle. However, he took the outfit a step further after training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a full year in preparation for the Cell tournament.

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In addition to the purple and white garments, Gohan began wearing Piccolo’s weighted cape to make the association more apparent, with the costume change being a way to honor his original martial arts mentor in a prominent way. Gohan would wear this outfit throughout the entirety of the Cell Games when he revealed the Super Saiyan 2 transformation and saved the world.

While Gohan would develop his own green and black costume to pose as the superhero the Great Saiyaman, he decided to honor his father after the elder Kai unlocked his full potential and achieved the mystical transformation. Recognizing Goku as the greatest fighter who sacrificed so much, including his life on multiple occasions, to defend the universe, Gohan finally began wearing his father’s iconic orange and blue outfit. His version lacked Goku’s Turtle School symbol on the gi, as he had not been instructed in Master Roshi’s fighting style.

Gohan has had more costume changes for the fighting suits than the rest of the Z Fighters at all times. DBZ. He started the anime series with a variation of his grandfather Gohan’s outfit before adopting many different styles, usually inspired by his original mentor Piccolo. While he would look more like his father, fashion-wise, when he reached adulthood, Piccolo has remained an important figure in his life, as Gohan became a father and resumed his training throughout his life. . Dragon ball super.

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