Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees is on a losing streak, but fans should be thankful that the horror icon hides his gruesome facade behind a hockey mask.

Jason Voorhees was not the villain of the first Friday the 13th But once it debuted in the sequel, it would run the franchise of technically eleven movies. Not many movie characters are fortunate enough to last more than thirty years.

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When one thinks of Jason, the image of the iconic hockey mask instantly comes to mind. However, for fans, the face behind the mask is always the highlight. Usually saved until the climactic final act, Jason’s face is revealed, and over the course of eleven movies, each Jason unmasked is unique to each movie.

9 The Forerunner Jason – Friday the 13th Part 2

Jason Voorhees Unmasked - Friday the 13th Part 2

This was before the franchise found its base. Everything about this version of Jason wouldn’t carry over to future sequels. One of those aspects would be the big reveal of Jason’s face when he jumps out of a window.

While it is effective in Friday the 13th Part 2, this version of Jason didn’t age well. Long red hair, beard, and overall farmer look make Jason look more like a Wrong turn or The Hills Have Eyes character. Still, he did the job to a good scare and planted the seeds for better versions of Jason to come.

8 Proto-Jason – Friday the 13th Part 3

Jason Voorhees Unmasked - Friday the 13th Part 3

It wasn’t until the third movie that Jason finally donned the iconic hockey mask. It was also in Part 3 the model was set for Jason’s appearance: tall, muscular, bald, and imposing. The only feature coming back from Part 2 It is the deformed eye. Jason Unmasked is used quite effectively in Part 3.

Once, he takes it off to poke fun at a character he has faced in the past. However, the most memorable scene is when he recovers from his ax wound to pursue Chris who is trying to escape on the boat. Although it turns out to be a dream, Jason’s creepy smile and speed are enough to scare anyone.

7 The Definitive Jason – Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

Jason Voorhees Unmasked - Friday the 13th Part IV The Final Chapter

Richard Brooker revolutionized Jason in Part 3 while Ted White’s portrayal of Jason in Part iv perfected it. With special effects artist Tom Savini behind the scenes, Jason’s look was enhanced. Save everything you did Part 3Jason is so memorable and he manages to make it even better.

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After Tommy Jarvis cheats on Jason, his sister Trish uses Jason’s own machete to remove his mask. Tommy then embeds the machete directly into the assassin’s head, bringing it down on the machete to deal even more damage and show more of Savini’s great work. For many, Part iv featured the quintessential human version of Jason.

6 Fake Jason – Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Roy Burns Unmasked - Friday The 13th Part VA New Beginning

Technically, this doesn’t belong since it’s not Jason. It is about a paramedic named Roy Burns who embarks on a massacre after his son is killed. However, in the context of the film, the identity of this Jason remains a mystery until the climax.

Roy Burns unmasks himself when he is killed. It is an unmasking that left many Friday disappointed and confused fans. Roy Burns not only dressed as Jason, but also wore a stylish prosthetic to make his head resemble Jason’s. A twisted ending that left a bitter taste in the mouths of fans, but the movie has its followers.

5 Jason Risen – Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Jason Voorhees Resurrected - Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives

Fortunately, Jason would come back with a bang. Literally, as Tommy Jarvis accidentally revives Jason through lightning. Jason remains masked at all times. Jason lives but his face is shown at first before he regains his mask.

Hidden mostly in the shadows, the few clear stares at Jason’s gaze from the decaying undead are truly terrifying. Jason looks like a zombie that wouldn’t be out of place in George A. Romero’s zombie movies.

4 Zombie Jason – Friday the 13th Part VII: New Blood

Jason Voorhees Unmasked - Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood

The same as Part 3 Y Part 4, New blood take what Jason lives set and dials it until eleven o’clock. Jason makeup on New blood he’s twisted and disturbing, with his face exposed for most of the climax and perfectly played by Kane Hodder.

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New blood Jason’s version is much more damaged, rotten, and even more appropriate for a zombie description. Although it was not Tom Savini, John Carl Buechler is easily the best follow-up of him. Yes Part iv has the ultimate human Jason, New blood has the ultimate undead Jason.

3 Slimy Jason – Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Unmasked - Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan

In drastic degradation Jason takes Manhattan received a much smaller budget. Everything about Jason dropped compared to New blood. The overall design of the character with the mask has fans divided. Some love the slimy look, while others find it too simple and cheap.

Where all the fans agree is when Jason takes off his mask. Rather than an intricate zombie design, Jason’s face looks like someone has taken a Halloween decoration and melted it down. It seems laughable and makes an already hated sequel even worse for many fans. Kane Hodder deserved better than Jason takes Manhattan.

two Jason Thawed – Jason X

Jason Voorhees Unmasked - Jason X

When Jason is not baffled by scientists in the distant future, Jason’s face is shown only briefly during an autopsy. Surprisingly, in a movie where everything is so cheap and tacky, Jason’s face is a really good practical effect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t match anything seen before in the movies and looks more like a mutated Jason than an undead. The face never reappears and Uber Jason does not expose himself.

1 Back To Roots Jason – Friday the 13th (2009)

Jason Voorhees Unmasked - Friday the 13th 2009

At Friday the 13th reboot, Jason Voorhees has reverted to his human form as played by Derek Mears. He’s fast, deadly, and a pretty cunning hunter. Respecting his debut in Part 2Jason starts off with a sack mask that he rips off when he attacks the farmer.

This is the only time Jason’s face is shown and as in Jason lives, stays in the shadows. An odd choice since the special effect is quite good in the behind-the-scenes photos and the few flare seen in the film. It would be the last time fans saw Jason’s face and possibly the last time considering legal issues with the franchise.

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