The Rocky franchise is one of the most beloved movie series ever, but this is exactly how the comprehensive Sylvester Stallone ranks the first five movies.

the Rocky The franchise is one of the most “all-American” and beloved movie series of all time, but how does Sylvester Stallone himself rank in the top 5 classics? In 1976, the titular boxing drama launched Stallone, who wrote and starred, into the public eye and into general pop culture. This first installment features Rocky Balboa, a Philadelphia laborer who works as a legbreaker for a local loan shark. His heart is not in the violent occupation as he is a good person but, due to lack of education and means in general, he does not have many options.

He eventually faces off against Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), the heavyweight boxing world champion, as he immerses himself in the sport he is passionate about, sees what he’s really made of, and falls in love with his love interest, Adrian (Talia Shire) . Films after that continue to chronicle Rocky’s life, both personally and professionally. In recent years, the character of Rocky and the history of the series have spread to Creed Y Creed ii, which centers on Apollo’s son, whom Rocky trains. So with all these different projects with the “Italian Stallion”, how does Sylvester Stallone, specifically the originals, rank them from Rocky 1 to Rocky 5? in a 2008 episode of Friday night with Johnathan Ross, He explained.

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When asked about the breakout hit Rocky, gave it a rating of 10/10. This score is more than fair, given that it spawned the lovable main character who has become so close to everyone’s heart, not to mention one of the most memorable montage sequences in cinema. And of course there is the sweetness and purity of Rocky and Adrian’s love that transcends the screen to this day. For 1979 Rocky ii, which Sylvester Stallone directed, gave a 7.5 out of 10. After lasting until the last round with Apollo in the previous film, Rocky has financial problems in this one. Although he is happily married to Adrian, he has to take a job at a meatpacking company and wonders if he will ever be able to succeed in boxing. The couple have a son and Rocky wins his fight with Apollo. It was solid, not as good as the first one, but none of them are. And left the world with “I, Adrian, did it!

Stallone gave Rocky iii a slightly higher score of 9. Ranking the third installment above the second may be a bit of a stretch, but still, the third movie is great. It introduces Mr. T as the trash-talking antagonist, Clubber Lang. It tugs at the heartstrings when Mick, curmudgeonly but loyal and wise, suddenly dies. After beating Lang, the movie ends with the classic oil painting freeze frame of Rocky and Apollo, now friendly opponents, both hitting each other. When asked about Rocky ivStallone commented on how Dolph Lundgren (who played Soviet boxer Ivan Drago) was “the hardest hitter.” But, coupled with the fact that the movie contained “a lot of montage, “gave it a 7.5 out of 10. Filled with Cold War-era tension, the film is certainly another of substance. Apollo’s death is a further tragic loss to the character, but it illustrates the ugly side of hitting and being. struck by a live; there is always the possibility of serious injury or death. And of course this movie featured Ivan Drago’s dinner scene, infamous for Lundgren’s blank expression of the line ending with “If you die … die. “

Controversially, Stallone went on to score Rocky v with a zero. He said, “It definitely wasn’t there. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do the last one,“referring to 2006 Rocky Balboa. Although this installment offered another realistic description of the physical ailments often induced by tough sports like boxing, it was not compared to the others. Still, it was interesting to see Rocky turn into something of a Mick figure for Tommy “The Machine” Gunn. And of course, Rocky v has the epic moment after Tommy sends Paulie to the ground with a nasty punch, and Rocky, eyes blazing, returns with the passionate line. “You took him down, why don’t you try to take me down now?“It’s funny to think that even Stallone, with his intimate connection to the character and the franchise, still has his preferences about every movie.

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