Vinny has talked a lot about his DMs always being open, and one fan wanted to see if he was being honest. His answers disappointed her.

Since Pauly D and Ronnie got new girlfriends, Vinny is the last one left. The Jersey Shore roommate is still single. After his failed search for love in Double shot at love, Vinny made it clear that his direct messages on social media are always open. A fan put his words to the test to see if Vinny was in fact telling the truth. To her surprise, Vinny actually responded only to disappoint her by seemingly bored and entitled.

Since Vinny is the only roommate without a partner, fans also want to see him in a relationship. So much so, that they could even see him dating Angelina. Even though she is married, fans think that she and Vinny would actually make a better couple. Vinny was supposedly dating Maria from Double shot at love for a short time after the show; however, he has been single for quite some time.

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Vinny has talked a lot about how his DMs are always open to women who may be interested in a romantic relationship with him. One fan wanted to see how true this was to herself. He messaged Vinny on Instagram before sharing the disappointing conversation on TikTok. Lexi Scaduto revealed in Tik Tok that she had re-watched both seasons of Double shot at love while she was sick with Covid-19 in December. After hearing Vinny encourage women to slip into their DMs, Lexi gave it a try. She texted Vinny, saying, “So is it true, your dms are always open?“Almost two weeks later, Vinny replied:”Maybe. “

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Throughout the conversation, Vinny was quite brief with Lexi. While he asked for her Snapchat username, he refused to accept her phone number or meet her in person. Vinny insisted that his messages are only open to people who are not boring, despite looking boring himself. Although Lexi did her best to get her attention, Vinny finally told her that she was indeed boring, ending the brief conversation. Lexi was slightly impressed by his conversation with Vinny, describing it as “entitled. “

While Lexi wasn’t satisfied with her conversation with Vinny, the comments on her video actually blame her. They didn’t find Vinny boring as she wasn’t giving him much to work with. Some users felt that she seemed abrasive and uninteresting. In fact, Lexi assured viewers that she gave Vinny a fake phone number. Many were concerned that he would post his real number on the internet. Vinny is currently at a winter resort in Pennsylvania with the rest of the cast filming the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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Source: Lexi Scaduto / TikTok

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