Johnny Rico actor Casper Van Dien thinks Robert Rodriguez would be the perfect person to direct the upcoming television reboot of Starship Troopers.

Starship troopers Star Casper Van Dien wants Robert Rodriguez to direct the television reboot. Van Dien first played the handsome boy Space Marine Johnny Rico in Paul Verhoeven’s ultraviolent 1997 adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s classic science fiction novel. He later returned to the role in the 2008 direct-to-video sequel. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder and also voiced the character in the 2017 computer-animated follow-up Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars, which in turn went directly to the video.

As for the future of Johnny Rico and Starship troopersIf they have a future at all, it seems to be not in the realm of movies at all, but on the small screen. This was at least the indication given by screenwriter Ed Neumeier, who in early 2019 said that a TV show based on the militaristic sci-fi property was in the works on Sony Television. Neumeier at the same time rejected the idea of ​​a PG-13 movie reboot, saying that such a watered down version of Starship troopers I would never fly Later original Starship troopers Star Jake Busey revealed that both he and Van Dien had discussed the television project with Neumeier. Since then there have been no significant updates on progress towards obtaining Starship troopers back on the screen.

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Now in a new interview with Reverse, Van Dien has given his opinion on the topic discussed Starship troopers TV show. Clearly, Van Dien is keen to return as Johnny Rico, and he even has an idea of ​​who should be directing the TV show if it happens. “I would love if Robert Rodríguez were in the mix.“he said, adding”I would love it and I think I would be the perfect guy for it.. “Van Dien actually mentioned that when they were working together on Alita: Battle Angel, Rodríguez talked to him all the time about Starship troopers. Van Dien’s wish list of potential directors actually goes beyond Rodriguez, as he also mentioned Quentin Tarantino, James Wan, and Edgar Wright as declared fans of the original film. He said:

“I think all those directors, it would be fun for them to come and do an episode or two or three, or an arc, or something like that. I think it would be fun if we had those kinds of things where it’s real filmmakers doing the movie. That would be My objective “.

Robert Rodriguez and Baby Yoda

Rodriguez, of course, has a long action film resume, including the aforementioned Alita, but perhaps his most relevant credit when it comes to assuming Starship troopers is your season of an episode in The mandalorian. That episode, season 2’s pivotal “The Tragedy,” was an action-packed installment that featured a prolonged battle on a random planet between Mando and his friends and waves of finally defenseless Stormtroopers. Replace Command & Co. with Johnny Rico and his fellow Space Marines, and imagine Space Bugs instead of Stormtroopers, and it’s easy enough to imagine the sequence that takes place in the Starship troopers universe. In fact, it is possible to see Rodríguez Mandalorian episode almost like an audition reel to direct Starship troopers.

It remains to be seen if Rodriguez or any of the other names on Van Dien’s director’s wish list get involved with the television reboot, but it’s clear that Van Dien has some ambitious ideas for the show. Of course, it would be great to see big-name directors like Rodriguez, Wright or Wan get involved in Starship troopers, then The mandalorian demonstrated the value of having great directorial talent behind the camera in an action-packed sci-fi adventure. It could almost be more interesting to do Starship troopers as an anthology show with separate stories set in the film’s universe, each directed by a different director offering his take on that universe, rather than seeing him tackle an ongoing narrative. Either way, it’s clear that Van Dien’s Johnny Rico must come back, even if he’s old and gray now. As long as there are satirically enthusiastic space marines like Rico popping bugs, with a bunch of disgusting slime flying everywhere, it’ll still be Starship troopers.

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