DC kicks off a celebration of Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary by making her first three key appearances available for free in DC Universe Infinite.

On International Women’s Day, DC and WarnerMedia kicked off a months-long celebration of Wonder Woman by making her first three key comic book appearances available for free on DC Universe Infinite.

All-Star Comics # 8 (December 1941), Diana Prince’s appearance in headlines Sensation comics # 1 (January 1942) and the release of his solo title, Wonder Woman # 1 (June 1942), they are all available to read for free on the platform.

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The origin of the Amazon is covered in All-star “Introducing Wonder Woman” from # 8, written by creator William Moulton Marston and drawn by HG Peter. The story also features the Amazons, Paradise Island, Queen Hippolyta, and Steve Trevor, the Army Air Corps intelligence officer who becomes Wonder Woman’s love interest and the link to the world far from Paradise Island.

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As part of the “Believe in Wonder” campaign, DC Universe Infinite will provide more free Wonder Woman comics in the coming months, as well as a selection of key stories about Amazon’s career. Additional Wonder Woman material will be released through the DC Community Book Club.

DC stated that “the 80th anniversary celebration illuminates the timeless and relevant message of hope and superhero empowerment with original content, commemorative comics, books and global fashion collections and experiences.”

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“Believe in Wonder,” a joint campaign by DC, Warner Bros. Global Brands and Experiences, and WarnerMedia, is based on Wonder Woman’s Day, which is commemorated globally on October 21.

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