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Reese Witherspoon, Sally Field in Legally Blonde 2

The fact that Legally Blonde 3 coming soon (May 20, 2022, to be precise) is already great news. But now, fans of Reese witherspoonThe most iconic character has something else to be excited about: a mobile game based on the Legally Blonde the franchise is in process. Even better, it will be released later in 2021. There are no official images of the game yet, but the president of Australian game studio PlaySide, TJ Munusamy, has confirmed to VentureBeat (via Gamespot) that the project is in development and will be a free experience available on both Android and iOS.

PlaySide has a history of adapting large television and movie franchises to mobile games, including bat Man, Jumanji Y The Walking Dead. It’s easy to see, then, how the studio was able to partner with MGM to bring another studio catalog favorite, the eternally upbeat lawyer Elle Woods, to the gaming universe. With the mobile market booming, all movie studios are eager to benefit from easy-to-play games that can reward fans and attract new people to their properties, especially when a new movie is planned to restart a somewhat dormant franchise. (Legally Blonde 2: red, white and blonde was released in 2003, almost a decade ago!)

Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde

Image via MGM

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Legally blonde: the game It will be based on a match 3 game, in which the main objective of the player is to match three symbols of the same color or shape, most recently famous for the international success of Candy crush. In addition to a familiar way of playing the game, the game will also bring story elements that are inspired by the values ​​of the first film, according to Munusamy: “It’s about empowering women. It’s smart, it’s smart, and it has a sophisticated side. [Legally Blonde] It’s one of those movies that is a classic. ”

First Legally Blonde film released in 2001 and soon became a cult comedy, following the adventures of Elle Woods (Witherspoon), a fashion student turned lawyer after a big breakup. Legally blonde 2, the sequel not so well received, continued Legally Blonde just two years later. The arrival of a third film in theaters in 2022 brings the promise of a well-deserved rebirth; the fact that MGM is investing in other media makes us even more hopeful about the third chapter of the trilogy.

Legally Blonde 3 It is currently scheduled for release on May 20, 2022.

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