All the characters of The noob add to the series in a different way. Some appear more frequently on the streets and others lead their squad from inside the compound. There are rookies, training officers, detectives, undercover officers, and sergeants, who are part of the main cast. The wide variety of positions within the LAPD gives everyone the opportunity to shine.

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Unlike other TV series, most of the set is loved by viewers. Aside from villains who come and go, there aren’t many people who are completely hated. But fans definitely have their favorites, and the buzz surrounding them makes it clear which characters they love the most.

10 Talia bishop

Talia was a solid addition to the cast and fans quickly fell in love with her. She was strong, independent, and willing to do anything to achieve her dreams. Talia was also calm and calculating, and a constant presence in the face of danger. However, his character’s departure didn’t have much of an effect on the overall quality of the show. If anything, the show got better thanks to the training officer who took his place. Talia didn’t dislike her, but she wasn’t a standout either.

9 Wesley evers

Wesley was added to the main cast of The noob in season 3 and viewers couldn’t be happier. His main purpose was originally to be a love interest for Angela, but he has spread far beyond that. Wesley’s role as a defense attorney gives the series a way to show a different point of view when it comes to law enforcement. It’s about accountability, and Wesley doesn’t want a police officer to take advantage of any citizen. If he continues to have a good amount of screen time, he could easily become a fan-favorite character.

8 Wade gray

Sergeant Gray is loved because he is tough and fair. He’s not as popular as everyone else on the show, but that has little to do with his character and more to do with the incredible cast. The noob has.

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Unlike the rest of the team, the show doesn’t spend as much time exploring Grey’s internal conflicts. He’s always there to lend a hand, but he doesn’t appear as strongly as the rest of the characters. This is why fans are not as attached to him as they are to others.

7 Zoe andersen

Captain Andersen was killed in the show’s first season, but she was an unforgettable character who continues to resonate with fans. Andersen was a woman in a position of power who ran the entire police station. He did not rule with an iron fist and instead showed kindness and compassion towards the officers in his charge. However, Andersen pushed all the characters to become better cops and took all infractions seriously. No one dared to go against her orders, but they also felt that they could come to her with important questions.

6 John nolan

He may be the main character, but Nolan isn’t the most popular character with fans. He is well loved because he is a genuinely selfless person, but it is often hard to believe in his character. Nolan is miraculously good at everything, and fans get a bit upset when the show features him as the best cop in the world, despite being a rookie in his first year of training. There’s no situation that he can’t get out of, and while he’s an intuitive character, it’s kind of ridiculous for him to portray those who have been at work for decades. Television requires a certain suspension of disbelief, but the amount required here can be exhausting.

5 Nyla harper

Harper wasn’t easy to like when she was first introduced on the show. The fans had gotten used to Talia’s training methods, so it took some adjustments. As season two progressed, it was revealed that Harper was much more than he appeared.

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Harper’s complexity makes her one of the most interesting characters in The noob and his backstory as an undercover officer introduced a new story. Harper is about supporting other women and teaching them how to empower themselves. His arrival had a good show and made it a great one.

4 Jackson West

There’s no way he doesn’t like Jackson because he rarely does anything wrong. It’s so much more than comic relief, but it provides plenty of opportunities to laugh. Jackson is the type of friend who always offers a shoulder to cry on. He’s willing to stand up and do the right thing, even when it’s not easy, like when he allowed himself to be brutally beaten to expose a racist cop on the force. Her courage is admirable and she believes that her main purpose in life is to help others.

3 Angela lopez

No matter what situation she is in, Angela will find a way to prosper. He has served in several different divisions in the department, and even once as a bodyguard. Angela gets along with everyone and is not afraid to call people when necessary. If her friends are in danger, she will immediately take action. Angela doesn’t beat around the bush, which is a quality everyone can appreciate. Because of how complete her character is, Angela could run the show on her own if she had to.

two The Bradford team

Tim is definitely not the most likable character when it comes to how he’s perceived by those on the show. But regardless, he quickly stole viewers’ hearts and became a fan favorite. Tim stands out for how unique he is, and it’s rare to find others like him on television. Tim seems cold and distant, and it was easy to despise him when he made his first appearance. However, the series spends a lot of time unraveling all of its layers, and there’s a lot to discover underneath the exterior that it puts on. Tim is a man with a tragic past and a big heart, and all it takes is some time to earn his trust.

1 Lucy chen

Lucy is loving, optimistic and a fighter to the end. She has been through a world of pain, both physically and emotionally, but she doesn’t let anyone stop her. Lucy takes her life into her own hands and has no problem fending for herself. She does not let fear stop her and perseveres in the name of justice. Lucy’s bubbly personality can enhance the mood of everyone around her, as well as those watching her on screen. She continues to amaze viewers with her intelligence, and Lucy is proof that one person can be nice without letting others take advantage of her.

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