It’s possible that the new Speed ​​Force could provide a way for Wells (Tom Cavanagh) to return and remain a part of Team Flash in season 7.

The new Speed ​​Force could be Tom Cavanagh’s way of staying in The flash like Wells. The season 6 version of Wells, Nash Wells, came to an end in The flash season 7 premiere after giving a sad farewell to Barry (Grant Gustin). At the moment, Team Flash does not have a Wells to help them, but that is expected to change soon.

After dealing with the guilt of being the one who caused the Crisis, Nash realized that the time had come to make the ultimate sacrifice (though it took some conviction from his doppelgangers). Throughout the later half of Season 6, Barry has been trying to make the most of his dwindling Speed ​​Force. During this time, they have been trying to fix their problem by building an artificial Speed ​​Force similar to the one that was based on Reverse-Flash. They eventually discovered that particles from Nash’s multiverse might be the key to making it work, but the problem was that starting the new Speed ​​Force required Nash’s death. After resigning himself to his fate, Nash activated the device and disappeared forever. Thanks to Nash’s decision, Barry finally regained his speed.

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It’s unfortunate that bringing the new Speed ​​Force online meant Nash lost his life, but it’s not the first version of Harrison Wells to die for the sake of another main character. HR died at the end of Season 3 in an effort to save Iris (Candace Patton) and stop Savitar. Back then, the existence of the multiverse made it easier to replace it, but that will be much more challenging now in the post-crisis Arrowverse. Nevertheless, The flash he’s not done with Wells forever. It’s just a matter of as will return to the series.

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Harrison Wells Fast Return Confirmed

Tom Cavanagh as HR Wells The Flash Season 3

Despite what happened at the premiere, Nash’s death was not an outlet for the actor who played him. Tom Cavanagh, who has been a regular on the show since season 1, will continue to be a part of the show in season 7. The flash Showrunner Eric Wallace has hinted that this is not the end of the Wells, saying THAT that Cavanagh still has “much more to do“And he pointed out that the number of wells in the Arrowverse is”infinite.“Regarding what happened at the premiere, Wallace said:”just because they’re all dead doesn’t mean that should change.

Wallace’s comments prove that The flash He has plans for Wells in season 7, but they don’t specify when he will return or how he will work out. It could be that fans have to wait just a few more episodes before The flash you can use it again. Due to production delays related to the coronavirus pandemic, the show is still wrapping up its season 6 story. It could be that Wells’s return is being saved for whatever arcs follow the season’s big bad defeat. 6, Mirror Mistress (Efrat Dor).

Every version of Wells is dead in the Arrowverse

Tom Cavanagh as Nash Wells in The Flash

Although Wells is known to return, it is important to note what The flash what it did in its season 7 premiere was deliver what felt like a definite ending not only for Nash Wells, but for Harrison Wells as a whole. Team Flash always assisted by a Wells has been a fun Arrowverse tradition that has resisted even death itself. That’s due to the nature of the multiverse, which allows Barry and his friends to meet new and unique versions of the scientist. What’s different about Nash (after Crisis) is that he was seen as the last Wells of the Arrowverse.

When the multiverse was destroyed and rebuilt with Earth-Prime, everyone else outside of Nash apparently died. The flash found a way to live by explaining that all of Wells’s doppelgangers have been transferred to Nash’s consciousness. Nash dying means that all versions of Wells are now dead in the Arrowverse, and that of course limits The flash options in terms of how it can be used in the future. Another way The flash has used Tom Cavanagh is the reverse flash, as he took on Harrison Wells’s face prior to season 1. But going that route doesn’t seem to be on the table either, as it was revealed in season 6 that the reverse flash will be by choosing a brand new host.

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Wells could be the new Speed ​​Force avatar (but different)

The death of Flash Nash Wells

How Wells Returns The flash Season 7 could be directly related to how they died. As the “organic receptorNash had to be sucked into the artificial Speed ​​Force. It was stated in the episode that, in a sense, Nash would always be with Barry, and that could serve as a harbinger of what the Arrowverse will do with Wells next. It could be that it is the avatar of the artificial Speed ​​Force.

The actual Speed ​​Force was able to communicate with Barry through a humanoid avatar that used the face of someone they knew. For the more secluded, the Speed ​​Force appeared to Barry as his mother, Nora (Michelle Harrison). This person, naturally, was not the real Nora, but he possessed a great conscience and a genuine bond with Barry Allen. The rules for the artificial Speed ​​Force, on the other hand, have yet to be clearly established, so it’s worth wondering if it could ever be a sentient entity like the original was. That does seem possible, considering that it was created from a living being. Or, more exactly, it was born to an unlimited number of beings. It would make sense that if this Speed ​​Force could communicate with Barry like the one before it, it would do so through the face of Harrison Wells. You could choose one from a past season, an entirely new Wells, or a character that exists as the sum of everybody from them.

What would separate this Speed ​​Force avatar from the previous version is that it would not be an identity theft; the avatar that spoke to Barry earlier looked like his mother, while the new Wells would really be him, as he is now part of the Speed ​​Force. Another difference between this Wells and the original Speed ​​Force avatar could be that their interactions wouldn’t be limited to speedsters. It could be that he’s tethered to Barry’s speed-boosting device and will be able to talk to characters like Cisco (Carlos Valdez), Allegra (Kayla Compton), and more within STAR Labs. This way, you can still feel like a member of the team at The flash season 7.

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