WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer explained why Sorcerer Supreme did not appear on the show prior to Scarlet Witch’s role in Doctor Strange 2.

WandaVisionThe showrunner explained the simple reason why Doctor Strange never appeared on the Disney + show.

Despite rumors that the Sorcerer Supreme would make a cameo in WandaVision, the end came and went without his arrival. For showrunner and lead writer Jac Schaeffer, it just wasn’t in the cards. “I love Doctor Strange like anyone,” Schaeffer said. Term. “Yeah it’s one of those things, that’s how the chips fell, that’s how the cookie fell apart, is what I’ll say, but I hope to see it on screen with Wanda in Doctor Strange 2. “

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One of the many fan theories surrounding WandaVision was that Stephen Strange would appear and help Wanda navigate the hex, while also setting up the Scarlet Witch’s appearance in Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness next year. In the end, however, Wanda was responsible for creating and destroying the hex. The show’s stricter focus on her, Vision, and her children meant that the story could focus entirely on Wanda’s grief at losing her family.

However, there was a small nod to Strange when Agatha claimed that the legendary Scarlet Witch is said to be more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. With that statement, Wanda really could be the strongest Avenger. Meanwhile, the post-credits scene showed Wanda using astral projection to study Darkhold, similar to Strange’s astral projection while she slept to learn more while in Kamar-Taj.

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Although there was no explicit link with Doctor Strange 2, the series was intended to prepare the sequel and Wanda’s role in it. WandaVision Director Matt Shakman revealed this weekend that he was in contact with director Sam Raimi and the team behind the sequel to Strange doctor to help with a smooth transition from show to film. Likewise, the new MCU series also configures items that will continue in Captain Marvel 2, like Monica getting her comic book powers.

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“We definitely talked to the filmmakers of the two movies that we went to most directly,” Shakman said. “Strange doctor, his story room is around the corner from our prep office, so we talked a little bit, and then once we got near the end of our photograph and Strange I was very close to getting started, I spoke to Sam Raimi a couple of times and our art departments spoke and we wanted to make sure there was a perfect handover. “

Written by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman, WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch, Paul Bettany as Vision, Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Woo, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, and Kathryn Hahn as Agnes. The series is available to stream on Disney +.

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