Sekiro has unmatched levels of vertical mobility in the Souls subgenre. Elden Ring would be wrong not to implement a similar level design.

Next from FromSoftware Elden Ring seems to be reverting to the variety of character compilations from theAxe games. Though Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a brutally difficult masterpiece, it tends to be a very streamlined experience, forcing players to engage with its rhythmic stop system. While it is good that Elden Ring is moving away from this combat system for its open world gameplay, there are some design elements that FromSoftware should carry over from its last title.

Axe brought unmatched verticality and mobility to the Souls subgenre. The speed of combat and movement feels similar to that of Bloodborne, but AxeThe grappling hook allows players to stalk their prey from rooftops and explore FromSoftware’s intricately designed levels in a new way. FromSoftware rarely takes a step back, so it’s hard to imagine the studio rejecting the design lessons it learned. Axe, but it is also difficult to see a way of Elden Ring can implement such vertical mobility when rumored to be a Dark souls playing style.

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Certainly the physics-defying high-flying grappling hook of Axe would feel out of place with characters dressed in plate armor, but the recently leaked Elden Ring the trailer suggests AxeThe stealth mechanic will be repeated. Stealth in Elden Ring would fall flat compared to Axe if players are restricted to loitering in the bushes. Hopefully the level design for Elden Ring will take this issue into account so that stealth builds are a viable strategy.

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How FromSoftware Could Promote Vertical Play On The Elden Ring

How Elden Ring can improve Sekiro

FromSoftware’s simplest form could enable vertical mobility in Elden Ring it would probably be a simple climbing mechanic. Demon souls allows players to jump over walls up to the waist, but the mechanics are rarely used and not universal; it is only available in specific locations. The open world gameplay of Elden Ring it would require a more robust climbing action, one that could be used more frequently and indiscriminately. It could be tied to a certain attribute, such as dexterity, and only the most athletic characters could climb to a ledge above your head.

Class-specific moves open up a host of opportunities for new course mechanics. Magic users can learn a spell that propels them upward, or a flicker spell a-la Dishonor that would allow a player to teleport a short distance. Characters with lighter armor might have a better jump, allowing them to jump through small gaps or jump to grab onto a ledge.

Elden Ring, with the help of George RR Martin, It’s FromSoftware’s first attempt at a truly open world, and the tour will be a key part of how well it plays. Axe was unique in its verticality when it comes to Souls gameplay, so it would be a shame if some of those design elements didn’t become Elden RingAlthough it will certainly be difficult to implement with the amount of build variety the game is sure to have.

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