For many years, Cyclops has proven to be a divisive character. Often seen as a fairly boring average mutant, a deep dive into the character’s psyche would prove that he is far more complex than most fans want to give him credit for.

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However, much of the complexity of Cyclops comes from the occasional complete bastard. Although he is seen as the lead dog in The X-Men group, there are periods when he earns the contempt of fans, but he is also known to elicit sympathy from fans as his life has been turned upside down more at once. .

10 He felt bad: he never had a childhood

A time-displaced Cyclops was briefly a member of The Champions, a group of young superheroes that featured the likes of Miles Morales as Spider-Man, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, and Sam Alexander as Nova. While his tenure on the team was quite brief, the heart-to-heart he had with Ms. Marvel before he left is downright heartbreaking.

In Champions # 18, as Scott and Kamala search for The Vision’s daughter Viv, he explains that he never had a childhood. Having a father who was absent most of the time due to his job was difficult enough, but taking into account the loss of his parents at such a young age explains how Scott never became a child.

9 Hated it: leaving his wife for Jean

The Madelyne Pryor debacle is a can of worms all by itself, but the moment the story goes off the rails, Cyclops becomes an indolent father. In the first story of X Factor, Cyclops lives in Alaska with his wife and newborn son when he receives news that would lead him to do something terrible.

Angel contacts Cyclops to let him know that Jean Gray has been resurrected after her death in “The Dark Phoenix Saga”. Knowing that the love of his life has returned, Cyclops abandons his responsibilities and joins X-Factor, completely leaving Madelyne and her son Nathan.

8 I felt bad: staying with the new X-Men

After Len Wein created the new X-Men to save the original team in Giant size X-Men # 1, Chris Claremont got on and made the original team leave. In X Men # 94, Jean Gray, Angel, Iceman, Polaris, and Havok decide to leave the team, leaving Cyclops in conflict.

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As the original team packs up, Cyclops argues with himself about whether he should stay with the X-Men or go with his friends. In the end, Scott decides to stay behind, not before telling Jean Gray that he loves her deeply.

7 Hated it: lusting for Psylocke

One of the most enduring aspects of X Men comics is that they are part of the oldest comic soap opera of all time. Given her soap opera trappings, it should come as no surprise that Cyclops was fascinated by the beauty of his teammate Psylocke. However, this occurred during a period when she was in a committed relationship with Jean.

Cyclops’s desire and Psylocke’s perceived longing do not go unnoticed by Jean, and the whole situation irritates her to no end. This arc didn’t last long, as it ultimately accomplished little more than shutting down a lot of fans.

6 I felt bad: being chased by Captain America

Captain America argues with Cyclops about his granddaughter Hope Summers in Avengers Vs. X Men.

When The Phoenix Force threatened the safety of the planet, The Avengers and The X-Men started a civil war over Hope Summers. The battle begins when Captain America travels to the X-Men home as he wants to put Hope into protective custody, but since Hope is Cyclops’ granddaughter, it makes sense that he disagrees with this.

Captain America may have won over Cyclops if he had worded his argument better, appearing as a thug in boots on Avengers vs. X Men. This was the incident that sparked the saying, “Cyclops was right,” and for good reason.

5 Hated It: Killing Professor X

A Cyclops possessed by the Phoenix Force kills Charles Xavier.

Cyclops may have been right in his argument with Captain America, but Avengers vs. X Men Nor did he necessarily portray it in a positive light. At the end of the first act, Cyclops joins The Phoenix Force along with Emma Frost, Magik, Colossus, and Namor, and the group becomes The Phoenix Five.

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Near the end of the event, Charles Xavier confronts his surrogate son, but Cyclops kills him. Cyclops wasn’t just a shocking moment to kill Xavier Avengers vs. X Men, but it cemented Scott Summers’ heel turn that would continue beyond this event.

4 I felt bad: the saga of the dark phoenix

Jean Gray sacrifices herself to kill The Dark Phoenix.

“The Dark Phoenix Saga” is an epic tragedy that is now viewed by many as one of the best X-Men stories of all time. When The Dark Phoenix causes Jean Gray to wipe out an entire civilization, the result is an intense battle between The X-Men and The Shi’ar.

The conflict comes to an end when Jean, fearing she won’t be able to contain the Dark Phoenix for much longer, uses an ancient Kree weapon to disintegrate it in front of Cyc1lops. This would shake Scott to the core, leading to him leaving The X-Men.

3 Hated It: Becoming a Villain

An evil cyclops with Emma Frost and Magneto.

Then Avengers vs. X MenCyclops went from being the trusted leader of the X-Men to their greatest nemesis, teaming up with the longtime enemy Magneto. Scott becomes much more ruthless than he had been, adopting a darker outfit and engaging in more violent activities.

The X-Men are more or less powerless to stop Cyclops, as confronting him could trigger a civil war that could irreparably damage the mutant population. All of this comes to a head Death of X when Cyclops dies after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists.

two I felt bad: losing Jean again

Grant Morrison New X-Men running is one of the greatest achievements of the writer. Bringing new life to the team and confronting them with bold new threats. Towards the end of Morrison’s career, it is revealed that the X-Men’s trusted ally, Xorn, is Magneto in disguise.

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During the X-Men’s battle with their greatest enemy, Magneto hits the resurrected Jean Gray with an electromagnetic pulse, with the former Phoenix dying in Cyclops’ arms. Although the moment is sad for Scott, one of his most dishonest actions damages his impact.

1 I Hated It: Cheating On Jean With Emma Frost

Jean Gray learns of Cyclops and Emma Frost's psychic affair.

Possibly the most interesting list pick for Grant Morrison New X-Men It was Emma Frost, a longtime enemy of the team. The character’s less traditionally heroic edge came as no surprise when he became interested in Scott, who was married to Jean at the time.

Unfortunately, Scott and Emma end up engaging in a psychic adventure that Jean would eventually discover using her telepathic abilities. This is not only one of Scott’s worst actions as a human being, but it was the moment that soured many fans with him.

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