Bungie is finally adding one of its most requested features to Destiny 2. A transmog system called Armor Synthesis; this is how it will work.

Bungie has confirmed that an armor transmog feature is on the way for season 14 and went into a little detail on what it will look like. Called Armor Synthesis, it will bring back a character from previous expansions and open up a world of new cosmetic options for Guardians.

Destiny 2 Players have long waited for an in-game transmogrification process that will allow them to change the appearance of armor without the need to fully equip different items. Along with a limited bank and the previous Sunset Edition, players were restricted in armor options that were functional and looked great.

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Transmog is an important part of any game that places great emphasis on cosmetic or armor appearance. Popular in titles like Word of Warcraft Y Tsushima ghost, gives players the freedom to look however they want without limiting themselves to wearing the actual outfit that looks like that. Destiny 2The version of the transmogrification is called Armor Synthesis and will be introduced during the next season. At Bungie “Update 2021: The Road to the Witch Queen, “The development team shed some light on what players can expect when Armor Synthesis is released.

Contrary to previous rumors and speculation, the system will not use Bright Dust (one of Destiny 2’s in-game currencies). Instead, players will spend a new currency that Bungie refers to as “Synthesis Materials” on Ada’s Loom to turn a Collections armor piece into a Universal Adornment. Universal ornaments can be applied to any piece of equipment of the same type (that is, universal helmet ornaments can only be applied to helmets) to change their appearance. Bungie also stated that players would receive some of these materials for free after completing the seasonal onboarding mission to thank players for their patience.

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Destiny 2 Armor Synthesis Ada1

Synthesis Materials can be spent on Ada’s Loom, which will be operated by a returning Destiny character, Ada-1. Players haven’t seen Ada-1 since the eve of Beyond the light when activities, vendors, and planets from previous expansions were removed from the game. It first appeared in Black Armory content that was added to the game during the Abandoned expansion.

Along with the new option to transmogrify armor with Armor Synthesis, players will be delighted to know that there is a new appearance customization menu. It seems to ensure that the entire process is as streamlined as possible when managing a look using parts from several different sets. In addition to this, Bungie also confirmed that armor color shaders would no longer be consumable items. They will transition to an unlock system, allowing players to reuse the same shader without worrying about hogging favorite colors.

Season 14 will introduce some features that players have been looking for for quite some time. Guardians will finally be able to customize the appearance of their gear without the limitations present up to this point, and some nice quality-of-life changes are coming in with updates to the shaders and the customization menu. If ever there was a time to show your fashion sense in Destiny 2, it will be when Armor Synthesis is available in the next season of the title.

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