Danny the Street from the Doom Patrol underwent an amazing transformation from a single lonely brick to the happiest place on Earth.

The DC Universe has long been home to some of the most fantastic characters in the entire comic book industry, and most of those characters end up befriending the Doom Patrol. One of the Doom Patrol’s most famous unusual allies and occasional members is Danny the Street. Danny has always been a particularly unique character, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming an iconic character debuting in all sorts of surprising new ways.

Created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case in the 1990s Doomed Patrol #35, Danny the Street is a sensitive street. They are capable of creating and communicating through the various posters and exhibits that adorn their landscape, and they can materialize in almost any city or town in the world. Danny’s nature has long made them a target of villainous groups like NOWHERE, though this shared enemy would continue to cement his place alongside the Doom Patrol. Danny took many forms over the years, from Danny the Street to World, Brick, and finally Danny Land.

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From the pages of 2016 Doomed patrol # 1 by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain and Todd Klein, “Brick by Brick” saw Danny’s most miraculous and possibly most important transformation yet. A man named Ricardo is digging through a literal pile of bricks, calling for Danny, who he hopes is somewhere between them. Ricardo is not the only one looking for Danny, as elsewhere the alien corporation Vectra is pursuing them for more disturbing purposes than a friendly meeting. Danny has somehow gained the ability to not only create his own landscape and threaten life itself, and it all started with a woman named Cassie Brinke.

Cassie, an EMT, is drawn to helping people, not to mention strange happenings. What would otherwise have been a normal day for Cassie leads her to discover the remains of Robot Man who had just escaped from inside a gyroscope sandwich, a bewildered Larry Trainor, and after an attack from Vectra, even Danny in shape. ambulance. . Via radio, Danny communicated with Cassie, leading her inside to reveal a huge ballroom. Amid candlelit tables, meet Flex Mentallo, veteran Man of Muscle Mystery, and Doom Patrol. Flex takes her backstage to a place beyond almost all comprehension: Dannyland.

As they walk through the quaint streets adorned with animals and whimsical shop windows, Flex explains to Cassie Danny’s nature, how they gathered and welcomed people who just didn’t fit anywhere else, and how to fight Danny alongside Doom. The patrol to defeat the NOWHERE agents restored both his powers and purpose to Flex. Time passed, people moved away, and Flex got lost again. Fortunately, Danny found him once more, and the two together search for the rest of the Doomed Patrol.

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Danny has been a lot of things in his time on the comics page, but Dannyland is easily the most impressive. From the wheels of fortune to the grinning bumblebee rides and everything in between, this is probably the most optimistic form Danny has ever taken. Of course, it’s just this form and what Danny can do that makes him a prime target for Vectra. Danny didn’t just turn into a theme park; they also brought to life one of their favorite creations, Cassie herself. While he started out as a comic book character within Danny, he eventually came true, as did his powers.

This may be a difficult concept to grasp, but so is just about everything Danny the Street is. This is also exactly why Vectra is after the two of them, as an endless supply of lives is also an endless supply of profit.

Fortunately, the duo are more than capable of bringing the Doom Patrol back together in time to save the day, giving Danny a chance to spend a little more time as the happiest place on Earth.

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