Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney talks about ‘Starward’ magazine’s first youth story and its creative team.

In publication since 1977, Heavy metal It has thrilled readers for generations with science fiction and fantasy stories that push the boundaries of the medium, and is now moving into the space of youth storytelling.

Issue 304 release Starward, a YA story written by Steve Orlando, illustrated by Ivan Shavrin and with lyrics by Saida Temofonte. Inspired by classic science fiction stories like Sailor moon Y She-Ra, the story follows seven cosmic warriors who band together to save humanity from years of mental oppression under the evil god Kaos. Heavy metal CEO Matthew Medney shared how the full-length magazine decided to branch out into youth stories and why StarwardThe creative team adapts perfectly to the job.

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“It was a goal from David Erwin, Heavy metalthe editor and chief creative officer, and myself to have a “Cradle to Grave” show, as you say best. Being able to expose younger generations to the magic of beautiful storytelling that is commensurate with their age is a fundamental drive toward success that allows us to span several decades, “Medney told CBR.” As for the team behind StarwardI got to know writer Steve Orlando through his presentation for this story and quickly realized that his sensitivity and insight into creating stories with complexity while presenting them in a pleasant way made him uniquely qualified to spearhead this initiative. I have worked with Starward artist Ivan Shavrin for years in my other company Herø Projects, in stories like ‘Voyagers’ with the rock band 311, and I knew he was a perfect fit. As for Starward the sign writer Saida Temofonte, in charge of the most forgotten stage of comic composition; a good marker is invisible, a bad marker can destroy a book, and a phenomenal marker can add that “magic” that cannot be pointed but lifts the entire comic. I consider Saida to be the latest! “

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Medney became the CEO of Heavy metal in January 2020 and immediately set out to chart a new future for the company. Starting with the magazine’s 300th issue, Heavy metal returned to a monthly show for the first time since 1985. The title boasts an increasingly impressive roster of comic book creators for its short story collection, and the publisher is looking to take the magazine to new heights in 2021.

Written and illustrated by Steve Orlando, Hal Jay Greene, Blake Northcott, Michelle Sears, Ivan Shavrin, Joel Ojeda, Giuseppe Cafaro, Bart Sears and more, Heavy metal # 304 is on sale now. Issue 305 goes on sale April 7.

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