This sounds like Sawyer 2.0 and frankly we’re here for it.

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Josh holloway Y JJ Abrams come together once more to do some epic television magic, as has been announced via Variety that Holloway has signed on to star in Abrams and Latoya morganHBO Max Series Duster.

Set in the 1970s Southwest, the series centers on the life of a “fearless escape driver for a growing crime syndicate whose life ranges from terrible to wild, stupid and dangerously terrible.” Not much else is known about the role, but from the vague details, it sounds similar to the type of character Holloway played for so many years. LOST which means we are absolutely here for it.

Josh Holloway social featured

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The casting marks a welcome reunion for the actor and co-creator, who previously worked together on the hit television series. LOST where Holloway played fan favorite James “Sawyer” Ford for six seasons. Collider spoke to Holloway last year about his experience in LOST, where the actor opened up about how he felt about his character’s story and the series finale, still hotly debated.

“There was a point where Sawyer just didn’t understand any of the shit that was going on and didn’t care. He was like, ‘I don’t give a shit. I am going to survive. I’m going to survive “this shit, and I don’t even know why.” But he did it, and he did it. I have a closure there, with that. ”

Duster is part of Abrams’ HBO Max TV and Film deal with his production company Bad Robot, which runs through 2024. It’s a roster that has a pretty solid résumé and includes content like a new DC adaptation. Constantine, a series derived from Shining called Ignore, another property of DC called Dark justice league, and a reality bending show called Subject to change. Morgan is currently a writer at The Walking Dead and has served as a producer / writer for AMC In the badlands, Y TURN: Washington’s Spies as well as writer of the NBC show Paternity and Showtime’s Shameless.

As LOST ended in 2010, Holloway has gone on to star in other television series such as the CBS drama Intelligence and the US sci-fi drama. Cologne, the latter of which was led by Carlton Cuse, other LOST showrunner. His most recent role was on the Paramount Network series. Yellowstone, where he played the tough antagonist Roarke Morris.

If Holloway’s character in Duster looks somewhat like her past roles, we can safely say that this is a show we are looking forward to.

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