Capcom has warned that unauthorized parties are sending phishing attempts in emails disguised as early access invitations to Resident Evil Village.

Editor Capcom has shared a warning about phishing attempts disguised as Resident Evil Village early access invitations from unauthorized parties; recipients should immediately delete such email correspondence, the company said. This isn’t the first time that scammers have targeted eager fans and experts.

Last month, Ubisoft reported a Far Cry 6 Scam in which streamers and content creators received false beta login details in phishing emails. Biomutant Fans were similarly targeted in a phishing scheme in January, before THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 announced the action RPG’s expiration date in May 2021. So the current topic is that scammers they’re targeting game fans who have little detail, evidently in the hope that people will click on harmful phishing links promising exclusive and nonexistent bits of information and access. Now RE Village, which has not been shown in depth since January Demonic resident Showcase is at the center of a similar scheme.

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As reported by VG247, Capcom issued a warning about an email scam that promises early access invitations to Resident Evil Village fans. The sender’s address reads as “no response (at) capcom (dot) com; “However, these messages are not from the publisher. Capcom advises anyone who receives this type of correspondence to avoid replying, downloading files, and clicking on links. The only course of action should be to immediately delete the message, as the statement from Capcom indicates the emails “.appear to be phishing attempts by an unauthorized third party. “

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At present, it is unclear how long the early access scheme had circulated before Capcom realized it, so we hope the scammers weren’t able to take advantage of anyone. These game-related phishing attempts are particularly reprehensible; They are also becoming increasingly unsettling, amid widespread concerns about network security.

Capcom suffered a massive ransomware attack in November 2020, which shortly thereafter culminated in a series of leaks related to the corporation’s business, current projects, and future plans. Since then, the publisher has confirmed that the data breach was much worse than initially suspected, as information belonging to employees, partners and customers was compromised during the attack.

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Resident Evil Village will be released for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X platforms | S on May 7.

Source: Capcom, VG247

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