Temptation Island fans don’t think highly of Kendal, but Alexcys, her current love interest, does. Viewers now share their honest reactions.

Kendal Kirkland of Temptation island has shown viewers and single girls on the island that she is embracing the experience that comes with being on the show with open arms. Kendal, who came to the island with his girlfriend, Erica Washington, has had eyes for single Alexcys Homan from the beginning, which is shocking considering she is in a committed relationship. Now that Kendal and Alexycs have spent some quality time together, she declared that he was a “great guy, “but fans don’t agree that quickly.

Last week, Kendal and Alexcys took their relationship to the next level. The couple have been flirtatious since day one, when Kendal singled out Alexcys as one of the prettiest girls on the island. She then chose Alexcys as her first date before the couple got very sensitive during the devils and angels party. After choosing her again for the second date, Alexcys spoke openly about making their relationship more physical, especially since Kendal came to the island with no rules. Later that night, Alexcys followed Kendal to his room, where the couple kissed just as the episode ended. Even though Kendal was openly cheating on his girlfriend, Alexcys was enthusiastic about him, saying how lucky she was to have such “great guy“interested in her.

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Fans of Temptation island brought to Twitter after last week’s episode aired to poke fun at Alexcys’ compliment. One fan pointed out how little Alexcys actually knew about Kendal. The experiment began a few days before their date, which means that Alexcys spent very limited time with Kendal before their first kiss. The fan couldn’t help but point to the short timeline, writing “Girl, you’ve known him for 48 hours. ”

When Kendal took Alexcys into his room and kissed her, he also let her know that she could stay with him if she wanted while the couple rocked back and forth in each other’s arms. In an interview, Kendal told viewers that “I didn’t expect to be in this place so fast,“supposedly referring to his progress Alexcys. But one Twitter The user had the perfect meme to show his thoughts on that statement:

Alexcys went up to Kendal’s room with him after sitting down with a group of single girls who also felt that Kendal was handling his island experience well. These women agreed that they wished the other three men on the island with them to act similar to Kendal. For that, a viewer shared a memes of Buzz Lightyear saying “It seems there are no signs of intelligent life anywhere. “

One final spectator pointed out what everyone else was thinking. While men on the island are supposed to be engaged to their partners while fighting temptation, Kendal didn’t seem at all concerned about cheating on his girlfriend so early in the process. In fact, it seemed to be his goal when he began his journey. Still, his willingness to cheat on his girlfriend didn’t sit well with most viewers, including one who wondered how Kendal could be considered a great guy while cheating on his partner of three years.

Based on viewers’ responses to last week’s episode, it doesn’t seem like many will agree with Kendal’s high praise from the island’s women. Unlike the rest of the men, Kendal doesn’t seem to take it easy, especially with Alexcys. Hopefully, Erica can continue her progress of becoming a more confident woman without Kendal. Time will tell if Kendal’s relationship with Alexcys is based purely on physical attraction or if there is also an emotional connection. Kendal has stated on more than one occasion that there are no rules for him while on the island, which means he can act as he pleases without Erica around. In the eyes of Alexcys, as well as some other singles, this is a “great“result for them.

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