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the Outriders The demo has been available for a couple of weeks, with three weeks before the full game’s release. And yet many streamers and non-mainstream players are still searching for legendary loot through the same limited content. That bodes well for the future of the People Can Fly game, coming courtesy of Square Enix on April 1. But in the meantime, the behind-the-scenes team has released a new slightly animated motion trailer to explain a bit of the backstory. Outriders.

In the demo, and in the game itself, you immerse yourself in a prologue that unfreezes you and your fellow Outriders from cryosleep on a mission to establish a base camp on the alien planet of Enoch. You get snippets of what happened to human civilization on Earth thanks to conversations and occasional story drops, but those story gaps are filled in a little better with this new trailer. It’s short, to be sure, and there is more lore in store for the main game itself, to be sure, but for my part, I’m happy to see the looter-shooter leaning towards more mythological aspects sooner rather than later.

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Check out the new trailer below:

In a new animated trailer, we get to see how the Outriders’ journey began, as we follow their expedition to Enoch from Earth.

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