Unexpected alumnus Anthony Vanelli has a long list of criminal records. After filming the TLC reality show, that background sheet got longer. Find out more about his life now.

Anthony Vanelli and Max Schenzel are Unexpected Pupils who appear to be birds of the same plumage, as they were both teenage parents and both were charged with domestic abuse for their Unexpected girlfriends. If fans want to compare the rap sheets, it looks like Anthony’s is longer. Since the show ended, he has been in and out of jail, and was even arrested 20 hours before his 20th birthday. It seems that he is preparing for a life of crime that could be extremely dangerous.

When Unexpected Season 3 aired, fans were confused because they couldn’t figure out what Anthony’s then-girlfriend Rilah Ferrer saw in it. Perhaps there were moments behind the scenes between them that were positive. In general, they had a difficult relationship and Anthony was not even sure if he was the father of her baby. By the time Rilah got pregnant, she moved to 30 minutes, and this meant they were struggling to find time to spend with each other. When they finally broke up due to distance, Rilah slept with another boy and told Anthony that he would be a father a few weeks later.

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Although Anthony had his doubts, he hoped to be the boy’s father. Even Anthony’s mother didn’t think her son was the father because he and Rilah weren’t together much when they conceived the baby. However, it turns out that he was the father, despite being in a turbulent relationship not unlike Laura Barron and Tylor Strawmyer. Fatherhood was not enough to keep them together, and Rilah and Anthony separated due to allegations of domestic violence. Anthony was arrested twice for it.

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The young father has had many clashes with the police and his problems with the law do not seem to stop. You are in trouble for missing some child support payments. In addition, he was charged with a felony domestic violence. The 20-year-old is being accused of firing a firearm in his former stepfather’s building. He then stole his ex-grandmother’s car, which landed him in jail, where he reportedly remains at the time of this writing.

If Anthony isn’t careful, he may find himself in a world of trouble and he may not be as lucky as before. The police have let you go, but as you get older, law enforcement personnel may not be as forgiving. Countless other bad boys in the Unexpected series have had problems with the law. An example is Shayden Massey, who was booked for drug possession.

There are many controversial alumni who have been in and out of jail, including Max Scherzel. He was recently released and started a YouTube channel, although people have not responded well. However, it seems like he’s at least trying to straighten out. Even student McKayla Adkins has been criticized for spending too much on a wig. Hopefully when Anthony gets out of jail he will be able to do what Max is doing as that will be good for him. Unexpected daughter of alum.

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