The antagonist is brilliant

Let me clarify this: there is no real “antagonist” in Ratatouille like other movies even Ego. You can’t really say that Skinner is because, honestly, he’s a good businessman. Is the restaurant selling? Yes, but to try to make money and somehow make a profit after you have lost your two stars. But Ego … that He is a man who can ruin a restaurant. However, even though it is easy to persuade by the deliciousness of the ratatouille dish, in the end, it is the real villain who is defeated: the real everyone else’s ego.

Think about it. Ego has this certain air about himself where he feels that everything he says is gospel, which is annulled when he discovers that yes, Gustaeu’s still makes good food. Remy begins to develop an ego when Linguine begins to draw attention to the food he makes and that leads him and the little chef to have a fight on the line. Ratatouille.

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