Jubilee once made a great sacrifice to save the universe, choosing to become the servant of one of the most disgusting villains in the X-Men.

Whether she’s on the X-Men core team or not, Jubilee has always been a source of hope for the X-Men, with her youthful energy helping to bring lightness and love to the X-Men during dark times. However, there was a possibility that it had been contained and controlled by one of Marvel’s most despicable villains.

In 1992, “The Crunch Conundrum” by Larry Hama, Andy Kubert and Marc Silvestri by Glutton # 51-53 introduced Jubilee to Abcissa, her darkest possible future form.

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After increasingly embracing his animal side after an exploration of his past, Logan spends the night at a motel with Mystique. The shapeshifting villain sought him out for help taking down his former Freedom Force partner Spiral, who has become increasingly deranged. Spiral arrives quickly, but reveals that she is not the real threat. Chaos is being caused at the Crunch, the exact moment the universe ceases to exist. It is spiraling out of control and impacting time travelers in space and time. Spiral recruits the pair to help her resolve the crisis in the distant future, unknowingly leaving Jubilee alone to confront Mojo, who is responsible for the damage to the timeline.

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Mojo’s assistant Abcissa also arrives, surprising the young mutant. Abcissa is a terrifying figure dressed in a full-length blue suit and wrapped in chains. He uses blazing skates as his primary means of movement, giving him sudden speed that allows him to easily capture Jubilee. In many ways, Abcissa’s design feels like a precursor to the look that Speedball would adopt during his time as Penance. After Jubilee is captured, she is teleported to the Crunch, where Mojo hopes to harness the power and scope of the event for entertainment purposes. Mojo is even aware of the stakes and agrees to go back and save the timeline, and Wolverine, if Jubilee agrees to become his servant.

Although Jubilee initially resists, it is revealed why Mojo is confident that he will accept her offer: because Abcissa is a future version of Jubilee, who accepted the deal and became one of Mojo’s greatest assets. Abcissa removes her helmet and reveals that this is indeed the truth, having served Mojo for decades at this point, as evidenced by her old face and gray hair. It explains Abcissa’s incorporation of roller skating into her tactics, as it turns out to be one of the young mutant’s favorite pastimes. However, Jubilee eventually resists Mojo’s offer and kicks him, refusing to serve him. This causes Abcissa to cease to exist, as Jubilee’s actions in the present prevented her from becoming the dangerous older woman in the end.

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Jubilee and Wolverine are able to escape Mojo’s grasp, save the Crunch, and escape through a time portal to the present, but it remains a heartbreaking encounter for Jubilee. Jubilee joined the X-Men after the team had already discovered the potential for dark futures, such as the “Days of Future Past” timeline, where mutants have been practically wiped out by the Sentinels who rule the planet. As a result, Jubilee was unable to see a possible dark version of her destiny.

Now, Abcissa’s existence as a possibility exists in the multiverse, giving Jubilee a broader idea of ​​the kind of fate that could befall her if she didn’t have the will to resist the machinations of someone like Mojo. It is a welcome warning of how dark your life could become and a refreshing reminder that it is still its life to determine, which means you have a chance to get a happy ending at the end of the day.

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