Kaiba has quite a few duels in the Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City arc, and most of them are super fun to watch. However, some stand out above the rest.

He is widely regarded among fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! encourage him Battle city arc is one of the best in the series. It’s not a big filler mess, the plot goes on, and the Egyptian God Letters make their first appearance to really spice things up. Everyone is in their A game for this arc, including Seto Kaiba.

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Kaiba has quite a few matchups this season, and most of them are super fun to watch. However, some stand out above the rest, being one of the most iconic of the entire series. This list starts off quite humbly, with a duel that most fans don’t even remember taking place.

7 Koji Nagumo

Obelisk The Tormentor vs. Marik in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Kaiba’s duel with Koji Nagumo is nothing more than an opportunity for him to test his new Obelisk the Tormentor card. Mokuba runs into Koji, who is breaking the rules of Battle City by searching his opponent’s deck for additional cards to draw. As a result, Kaiba challenges him to a duel, and he somehow summons Obelisk on the first turn and wipes out the poor guy. Sure, the duel didn’t make any logical sense, but it was more about the power that now flowed through Kaiba with his new card. It certainly gave the monster a grand entrance.

6 The rare hunters

Marik's Rare Hunters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yugi and Kaiba actually have two tag team duels in this arc, but the first one is quite similar to his duel with Koji. In fact, following the rules this time, Kaiba still summons his Obelisk the Tormentor insanely fast, and while Yugi is preparing a cute Kuriboh combo, Kaiba uses a Fists of Fury or two to take down his opponents before they get a chance. to do so. counterattack.

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This is another duel that really wasn’t that relevant in the grand scheme of things. This is where things really start to matter.

5 Ishizu Ishtar

Ishizu Ishtar Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel with Kaiba

Ishizu confronts Kaiba during the Battle City Finals, and his necklace informs him that he is going to win the duel and face players like Yugi and Marik. He has placed a bomb inside the Obelisk that will explode once he attacks, allowing him to win the duel. However, Millennium Rod interferes with fate and tells Kaiba to use Blue-Eyes instead. While you’re not quite sure why you’re doing it, listen up. This ends up being the correct decision, since he wins this way. This duel was interesting due to Ishizu’s Millennium item, but not as much action.

4 The four-way duel

YuGiOh Yami Marik

The four-way duel is the way the last four duelists in the Battle City Finals decide in which order they will compete. Throughout this duel, everyone has different motives. Kaiba wants to go against Yugi to win over Slifer before facing Ra. Yugi wants to confront Marik and Joey wants to do the same. Marik just wants to cause trouble.

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While this duel is fun due to the different objectives of each one, as no one is eliminated during this duel, it doesn’t really have the stakes like the rest of Battle City, leading to its somewhat lower ranking in this one. list.

3 Joey wheeler

Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba together in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Joey and Kaiba face off for third place at Joey’s request, which Kaiba reluctantly obliges. While Joey just wants to have a friendly duel, Kaiba is unsurprisingly looking for blood. Joey manages to hold his own for a while, but Kaiba ends up knocking him down. While it was nice to see these two fight one more time, the result had absolutely no effect on the actual plot, except for irritating Joey.

two Lumis and Umbra

Umbra and Lumis in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Lumis and Umbra are rare hunters who are sent to defeat Yugi and Kaiba in a shadow duel in which the losers will fall through the roof of the building they are standing in and will not fall to their death, but will fall into the Kingdom of the shadows. . Safe 4kids, safe. While Lumis and Umbra manage to take the lead, once Kaiba begins to trust Yugi and work with him rather than against him, the duo easily manage to win him back and win the duel. This could be the duel for second place on the list, but it doesn’t even come close to touching the number one spot.

1 Yugi muto

Yugi Vs Kaiba in Battle City

Yugi and Kaiba face off in the Battle City Finals, both armed with their own God Card. This duel is just … it’s great. The two trade blow for blow, not a single turn is wasted. They spend their turns weakening each other’s God Cards before the other draws a shocking cheat card that flips each other’s plan. And this lasts like 600 laps in the best possible way. There is never a clear victor in this duel, and both duelists manage to stay in line each turn before Yugi barely manages to pull Kaiba out and take the victory to go on and face Marik in the final battle. This duel is truly one for all ages. Hands down, this is Kaiba’s best duel in Battle City.

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