When the first X-Men movie, appropriately titled X Men, It was first released in 2000, fans weren’t quite sure what to expect from it. Not only had the characters been around for some time in the comics, but they also had several pretty popular TV shows that fans quite liked.

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Viewers knew that the movies would not be a direct translation from comics or television, but still some of the interpretations of the X-Men characters in the movies were just disappointing. Whether they were a wasted good character or a bad character who took up too much space, there are some X-Men who ultimately changed their movies for the worse.

10 Rogue just wasn’t herself

Anna Paquin as Rogue

A fan favorite of comics and TV, especially from X-Men: The Animated Series – it was Rogue, so it was incredibly exciting that the first movie in the franchise seemed to start off centered around her. However, this portrayal of Rogue was nothing like the character fans were familiar with.

This rogue looked bleaker and calmer than even her character in X-Men: Evolution, isolating himself in a way more appropriate to that character than to any other. Rogue is typically exuberant and a phenomenal team leader, but that wasn’t the character who made her way in the movies.

9 Darwin could have been so much more

Armando Muñoz Darwin dies X-Men First Class

Then X-Men: The Final Decision Y X-Men Origins: Wolverine Critically bombarded, the universe decided to take two steps back and revisit its roots. By going back in time to the beginning of the X-Men and introducing viewers to a young Professor X and Magneto, the franchise was given a chance for a new beginning.

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Among the early members of the fledgling X-Men team was a mutant named Armando Muñoz; his hero name was Darwin because he could adapt to survive anything. However, in X Men First generation, Darwin was immediately assassinated by Sebastian Shaw. This character was already amazing and could have been so much more, but the fact that he was killed was indicative that the underlying rottenness of the X-Men universe still existed.

8 The apocalypse was never fully realized

Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse

In Sabah Nur, also known as Apocalypse, he is another character who could have been great in the movies and yet was completely lost. X-Men: Apocalypse he even cast the phenomenal Oscar Isaac, set to return to the world of Marvel in the next Moon knight Serie on paper, and the character still couldn’t survive the mess that this movie was.

The latest films of the X Men franchise, like Apocalypse Y Dark fenix, they are unfortunate because they have star casts that are wasted on poor material. The character of Apocalypse was a confusing mess in the movie and it just didn’t work for the story, not that any of the other characters did either.

7 Viper was better forgotten

Viper removing face and skin on Wolverine

One of Fox’s biggest problems. X Men The franchise is that many of the story arcs seemed to focus on Wolverine in one way or another, to the point where Wolverine received his own entire trilogy within the franchise. Of those three movies X-Men Origins: Wolverine it was abysmal; Badger it was a decent thing; Y Logan it was absolutely phenomenal, so the trilogy was a mixed bag overall.

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Many people have long forgotten what the first two movies were about, let alone who appeared in them, but Viper was one of the main villains of Badger. In the comics, Viper was also known as Madame Viper, or Madame Hydra, not that anyone knew from this movie. It’s almost worse to completely use and waste such an interesting character than to simply not include her at all.

6 Toad gave us the worst moment of the franchise

Ray Park as Toad in X-men

If fans remember anything about Toad, it’s probably not the character himself, but the famous line read to he for Storm while the X-Man were fighting him. Storm asked, “Do you know what happens to a toad when it is struck by lightning?” and then strikes it with said beam, establishing what the audience was assuming would be a clever shot. Instead, she continues with, “The same thing that happens to everything else.”

That’s it; That’s it full a little. Besides this moment, the character is just a rude and strange waste of space that never does anything useful. Yet this horrible moment only earned the mutant a place on this list.

5 Sabretooth was always a mess


Sabretooth is a character that appears in a variety of capacities throughout the movies. At first, in the original trilogy, he is a furry weirdo who throws Wolverine for no apparent reason. He is little more than an animal and hardly resembles the strong villain Wolverine that he was in the comics.

After this initial introduction to the character went awry, the franchise tried to reintroduce Sabretooth to Wolverine’s past, except the two were basically siblings, in fact biological, which made the whole thing even more confusing and strange. The way Sabretooth was mistreated throughout the universe shows how terribly most characters in the X-Men movies ended up adapted.

4 Gun XI looked nothing like Wade Wilson

When Wade Wilson made his first appearance in the X-Men movies, audiences were absolutely wild with excitement. Not only would Deadpool appear on the big screen for the first time, but the hilarious and talented Ryan Reynolds had been cast to play him.

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Of course, that only meant that when X-Men Origins: Wolverine he went out and completely destroyed the character, people were understandably upset. Deadpool is not Deadpool at all, but Weapon XI, a strangely hairless mutant weapon with its mouth shut, silencing a character whose nickname is literally “the mercenary with the mouth.” This character is so far removed from everything Wade Wilson was that even the last dead Pool the movies mock him for his messiness.

3 Havok was indicative of a major disaster in the movies


The unfortunate mess that the Summers brothers were in the X-Men movie universe will not soon be forgotten. In the original movies, Cyclops was featured as Summers’ only brother in the movies. This made logical sense, even if the fans made I want to see Scott Summers’ brothers Alex (Havok) and Gabriel (Vulcan).

However, in the X Men prequel movies, the Summers family was reinvented. Scott was no longer the oldest brother, but the youngest; Alex was the older brother and Gabriel just didn’t exist. Worse still, Alex was actually an interesting character, but he was completely ripped apart and killed in X-Men: Apocalypse basically for no reason, right after reuniting with his “younger” brother, Scott.

two Cyclops was never more than a joke

If Havok assured people that the Summers family had been completely destroyed in the movies, Cyclops was their first clue. It was obvious in the original. X Men trilogy that the people who make the movies, specifically Bryan Singer, seemed to not only prefer Wolverine to Cyclops, but they just didn’t like Cyclops as a character.

He’s a constant mess, the butt of Wolverine’s jokes, and they always put him aside for someone else. James Marsden tries to save the character as only he can, but he has been given such terrible dialogue and action that he could only go so far with what he had been given.

1 Wolverine was taking up too much space

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

The problem with Wolverine isn’t necessarily Wolverine as a character, but the fact that he basically becomes the central figure in every movie. While he is interesting and certainly a fan favorite even before the movies, making the entire cinematic universe refer to him was a huge misstep.

He was a good character, but not good enough to justify everyone else having to take a back seat to make room for him. Other favorites like Rogue, Cyclops, and Jubilee never got the space they deserved because Wolverine was always taking center stage on his own.

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a collage of photos of deadpool wearing a hugh jackman mask and hugh jackman as wolverine

X-Men: 10 times Wolverine got over his welcome

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