Women need to exalt other women, it is an adage that was, is and always will be true. In a society that deliberately knocks people down and reinforces insecurities for the sake of consumerism, there are artists who act as heroes to remind the average listener to stand tall and harness their own power and individuality for their own good.

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Female artists don’t get enough credit for their work in the industry, from supporting self-love to empowering nations through their expression, these musics show what they have in their inspiring music videos, as well as their impressive careers.

10 “Stress”, Chisato Moritaka

Chisato Moritaka's stress

The fun and bubbly urban pop single features Moritaka as an exhausted waitress in a bustling little restaurant. In the song, she takes it out on overwork and a desire to escape.

The video shows Moritaka moving forward and motivating herself to get through the day while realizing her own strength. It’s an identifiable period that reminds us that sometimes we have to turn to ourselves when the going gets tough, and sometimes that’s all we need.

9 “Love is a battlefield”, Pat Benatar

Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benetar

One of the most poignant songs of all time when it comes to fostering self-expression, Pat Benatar appears as a young adult running away from home. The scene is as pleasant as the one in the 80s, finding his place among petty streets as he rebels against his oppressive home and proves them wrong.

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The video takes a turn when Pat dances emphatically with a small crowd in a bar, emphasizing the feeling that they are winners just because they are.

8 “New attitude”, Patti LaBelle

New attitude from Patti Labelle

This heartwarming single is paired with a music video that is equally motivating. Patti leads a small group of confident women as they dance to her song, showing squeals and self-respect.

It is a small inclusive display as if they are launching their own fashion show to say, “I don’t care!” Patti’s energy is catchy and contagious.

7 “I’m so excited”, The Pointer Sisters

I'm so excited, The Pointer Sisters

The video shows the three sisters preparing for an elegant event, dressing, throwing clothes or putting on makeup. Its literal emotion is palpable and of course the song is contagious.

When they arrive at their high society dinner, they disrupt the atmosphere by tossing the table in an act of flamboyance that gets everyone at the event starting to dance freely.

6 “Up that hill”, Kate Bush

Going up that hill, by Kate Bush

In a powerful dance-focused music video, Kate Bush and a dancer perform a choreography based on relationships between men and women. In the song, Bush asks God to “swap” places, allowing men and women to see and feel each other’s experiences to truly understand each other.

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The video is artistic in a minimal / surreal style with violet hues that raises questions about how to communicate experiences between men and women.

5 “Sweet dreams (they are made of this)”, Eurythmics

Sweet dreams (they're made of these), Eurythmics

Annie Lennox leads the video in an iconic outfit, involving her short ginger hairstyle, semi-sassy makeup style with heavy eyeliner and deep pink lips, a masculine black suit, and gloves.

His performance is entertaining and impressively advanced, as he maintains an intense and commanding gaze on the viewer. While the video itself may be a bit absurd, Lennox’s aura is magnetic as he literally instructs his audience through the song.

4 “Babooshka”, Kate Bush

Babooshka, Kate Bush

Kate again describes a relationship between men and women by telling a story about a woman who cheats on her husband to explore why her marriage is failing and if he bites the bait. A theatrical pop star, Bush expresses the duality of “Babooshka“at first showing herself in a black veil while stiffly dancing alongside a bass.

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In the choirs, he breaks into an alter ego that suddenly interrupts, a goddess with great expressions and dances that show her confidence and figure. The video blends perfectly with the message, depicting the needs, desires, and repression of women, especially in relationships.

3 “Voices Carry”, until Tuesday

The voices continue until Tuesday

Aimee Mann plays a version of herself, a woman in a relationship with a partner that is oppressive due to his expectations of her. Aimee, with her spiky blonde hair, guts, great fashion and work as a rock musician, disturbs the male boyfriend by the rules, feeling that he undermines the way women should be portrayed, as simple and elegant sex objects.

Although at first she appears to be captivated by the man, Mann realizes that the relationship is transforming her into something she is not, reaching a crescendo when, at Carnegie Hall, she begins to sing the song, shamelessly yelling at the theater as persons. stare, marking the end of your relationship and the beginning of your personal freedom.

two “Girls just want to have fun”, Cyndi Lauper

Girls just want to have fun, Cyndi Lauper

In Cyndi Lauper’s most famous work, the video begins by showing a dissatisfied housewife only to be interrupted by the playful and free-spirited Lauper jumping down the street.

She continues to stand up to her parents, representing the more traditional pressures of society and telling them her desire to live life to the fullest. In this performance and song, Lauper has inspired millions of people – that is, women – to express themselves and have fun without being held back by embarrassment or misconceptions.

1 “I don’t care”, Eartha Kitt

I don't care, Eartha Kitt

In a dazzling display of glamor, cheesy, humor, and vanity, Eartha Kitt reprises her role as ‘Catwoman’ in a music video about shamelessness, confidence, and fun. All jokingly, a group of officers pounce on their first chance to catch a dangerous criminal, Eartha Kitt.

But despite her best efforts, she seduces them, makes them dance with her, and turns them all into cats. Eartha is a powerhouse that needs no introduction and takes life into her own hands, shown here with the utmost power and entertainment.

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