Almost nothing ages well with enough time. What was once great or even acceptable a decade ago may not be as well received today, and that’s okay. After all, this is just a sign of changing times and hopefully intellectual maturity.

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This applies especially well to anime shonen, which can be seen as an ever-changing timeline of narrative norms and ideas. While some shonen staples from the 2000s are timeless, others are not so lucky. This does not automatically mean that they are terrible, but they do show their age.

10 The skyscraper invasion was an unnecessary flashback

Although it was released this year via Netflix, High-rise invasion could easily be mistaken for any sassy anime from the early 2000s. With its flat address, lots of fanservice, high-pressure blood, excessive storytelling, and more, High-rise invasion it would have been an instant hit if it had aired alongside the first Hellsing anime or School days.

High-rise invasion It does nothing to enhance or even bring survival anime to life, which is what ironically makes it stand out even more. No one in 2021 is praising or criticizing Yuri Honjo’s physical and moral fight against The Masks much. Quite, High-rise invasion It’s often mentioned as a 2008 flashback that no one expected or wanted.

9 Future Diary is too edgy for its own good

Future Diary

While not the first of its kind, Future Diary is widely regarded as the death game anime that solidified the insanity. Even now, new death games like Darwin’s game or Gleipnir They are measured by the standards set by the Deus Ex Machina Divinity Contest. But in doing so, Fans accidentally stalled the death game niche and restricted it to past avant-garde trends from the 2010s.

Future Diary set the template for the modern death game, popularizing conventions like the ineffective but competent protagonist, a yandere love interest and / or rival, a nihilistic yet simplistic worldview, and more. Whether later titles improved or not is debatable, but seeing them in motion in Future Diary it only exposes the antiquity of a concept and a history.

8 A certain magic index was overshadowed by its derivatives

A certain magic index

Because A certain scientific railgun popularity, some of Mikoto Misaka’s fans decided to watch the anime that she and her friends originated from. Unfortunately, A certain magic index Not only did it not meet expectations, it also bored them. Index It’s not terrible, but it’s a generic shonen harem anime that has an interesting power system in place.

Worse is its protagonist Kamijou Touma, who is as usual as the heroes of the harem. For Railgun fans, From the index The cast and ideas are better as supporting elements in Misaka’s story than leaving them alone. There’s a reason why, despite being the main anime, Index wobbles as the spin-off Railgun continues to thrive.

7 Lucky Star is a comedy time capsule from the 2000s

Lucky star

There is no shonen comedy brand as popular as otaku parody, where the characters make inside jokes and references that only anime-obsessed viewers would get. Lucky star was the pinnacle of this humor in the 2000s, with Konata Izumi and her friends constantly skipping school work in favor of parodying whatever anime was currently popular or anything in Japanese pop culture.

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Unfortunately, as with any joke that relies on references, Lucky stars poorly aged comedy. Many of the things that Konata mentions and / or teases are no longer popular or infamous, such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Ultraman. While the old guard of anime fandom would love a silly trip down memory lane, newcomers would just get lost.

6 Black Clover’s old-school style isn’t for everyone

Black Clover Asta Scream

To your credit, Black clover it’s not terrible. The biggest downside to Asta’s quest to become Magic Emperor is that it is a shonen anime from the 2000s made with the production value of a 2010 title. In fact, Season 1 is so much a slave to the formula that the Spectators either pierced through or stopped staring altogether because they couldn’t bear Asta’s endless screams. Black clover he did not age badly; aged from the beginning.

Asta’s hot-blooded adventures are archaic to the core, hardly refining the pillars of classic shonen such as training bows, an intricate magical system, Asta’s bottomless determination and vocal cords, and the power of friendship that Save the day. This is great for nostalgic shonen veterans, but everyone else would see it as an heirloom, assuming, of course, they make it through the first 51 episodes.

5 Darling In The Franxx is an ode to wasted potential

Darling in the franxx

There was a time when Darling in the Franxx was touted as the milestone of his generation, which can be difficult to relate to today. From the beginning, Darling in the Franxx he already has some fussy old men, like his youthful humor that depended too much on sex. But while that might be overlooked as a sign of the times, its messy history cannot be excused.

Darling in the Franxx opened up well enough by introducing a strange world, giant mechs, and the strange but genuine romance of Hiro and Zero Two. But when the big questions were finally answered, they either failed or were criticized for being unoriginal. What should have been Trigger’s masterpiece is remembered today for its wasted promise that no one wants to visit again.

4 Bleach was all wrong with the 2000 era Shonen anime

Bleach Ichigo Rukia

Lots of modern shonen anime (eg Jujutsu Kaisen) I owe a lot to Bleach, that was next Naruto Y One piece as part of Shonen Jump’s beloved Big Three. However, the weather has not been good for Bleach. While the ninjas and pirates thrived, the Shinigami fell from grace and became a summary of the biggest flaws in modern shonen anime, specifically prioritizing style over substance.

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In addition to too many filler and filler arches, Bleach writing was a disaster. Just to name a few issues: inconsistent power levels, convenient power-ups, countless keikakus from Aizen and Ichigo becoming one of the most ridiculously overpowered shonen heroes ever. Today, Bleach it’s better as an example of what anime shonen shouldn’t do than a classic begging to be seen again.

3 The Yu-Gi-Oh! The franchise is more of a meme than anything else

Yu Gi Oh joins the Duelists Beyond Time

As anime shonen, the Yu-Gi-Oh! the franchise is the epitome of being generic. It’s a glorified advertisement for the trading card game of the same name, where an already formulated shonen adventure about the power of friendship takes a back seat in product placement. Without your reputation so bad that it is good, Yu-Gi-Oh! it’s the kind of toy anime that’s barely made today for a reason.

But considering its ironic appeal, Yu-Gi-Oh! It will always be seen as that anime where people take children’s card games too seriously. To counter this unintended legacy, the franchise has constantly tried to reinvent itself to become something more modern and daring. However, this almost always backfired. Case in point: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 D card games on motorcycles.

two The high school of the dead will forever be incomplete

High School of Death

There is little else about High School of Death That could be said since it’s nothing more than a zombie apocalypse with more fanservice than undead cannibalism. However, the only thing that aged worse than this anime’s blatantly youthful excuses for free fan service amid the zombie slaughter is that it will never be concluded properly.

This is because author Daisuke Sato passed away before reaching the midpoint of his manga. Out of respect, illustrator Shoji Sato and the Madhouse studio quietly left High School of Death. B-movie style aside, the anime is basically a prologue to a broader zombie apocalypse that will sadly never expand.

1 Fire Force fan service belongs to the past

Tamaki Kotatsu Fire Force

There is nothing too spectacular about Fire force; is an action packed generic shonen anime that reinvents exorcism as firefighting. That said, it caused controversy in fan service at the expense of Tamaki Kotatsu. Fanservice is as old as shonen anime, but Fire force took this to extremes of exploitation that belong to the forgotten and sordid ecchi games of yesteryear.

Tamaki is not only susceptible to humiliating moments of nudity; it is literally part of your being. This is due to the Lucky Lewd syndrome, which gives her the power to end up naked and / or groped in almost every episode, regardless of the tone of the scene. As a result, Tamaki’s character was overshadowed by some of the most poorly justified fan services in modern anime history.

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