A hero is only as good as the villains they face. If it weren’t for opponents like the Joker, Batman wouldn’t have the longevity he’s experienced for nearly a century. The same goes for other popular characters like Superman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. With that in mind, there are more than a few major villains who just don’t seem to have a clear vision of what their ending is.

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That doesn’t just mean Tier D villains that rarely appear in the comics, and when they do it’s an absolute blast in favor of the hero. No, these are great supervillains who should have a much better idea of ​​what they are doing at this stage in their respective careers.

10 Shredder always made terrible plans

the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The franchise has become one of the largest intellectual properties in the world. It is run through almost every possible medium, and has done so with great success for several years. And at the center of it all is the villain known as Shredder.

Considering that the Shredder is one of the greatest villains ever created, his plans became so obsessed with the Turtles that they basically ruined his life. Things got so bad that he ended up as a bully from an alien brain from another dimension in one iteration of the story.

9 Thanos never has a valid reason for wanting to end half the universe

Eternal Thanos

In the comics and in the MCU, Thanos has become one of Marvel’s defining villains. His quest for domination has often been based on the goal of killing half of all life in the universe. That said, their reasons have differed greatly between the two incarnations.

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In the comics, he wanted to kill half the universe to impress Lady Death. It’s a terrible reason and it didn’t even work. And in the movies, he did it to balance the universe and avoid problems like hunger. But Thanos could have achieved the same goal by making more food. The boy is delirious.

8 Doctor Doom keeps treading on his own two feet

Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four 90s animated series

For many people, Doctor Doom is the greatest villain ever created. While there are certainly plenty of other contenders for such an auspicious crown, that doesn’t change the fact that he could be.

At the same time, Doom’s insatiable thirst for power basically ruins all of his plans. If he could step back from his own nonsense, the guy would probably rule the world now. Instead, Doom continues to prepare for defeat.

7 Herr Starr just didn’t seem to take a break

When PreacherJesse Custer received the Word of God after bonding with the rebellious entity Genesis, his life spiraling into utter madness. As if having the sky behind him wasn’t enough, a secret organization called The Grail was in his case as well.

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Herr Starr was at the forefront of that mission to take down Custer. While he must have done a lot of right to get to his position of power the moment he first appeared on the series, almost everything that happened after that was a horror show. It’s a wonder she survived so long.

6 The Joker is literally wild

It’s hard to imagine Batman without the Joker. They are two sides of Two-Face’s twisted coin, except that both sides have a giant scar. As Gotham’s famous Clown Prince of Crime, Joker has committed an almost endless list of atrocities.

It is not so clear why he has committed these atrocities. Joker is a lunatic who loves to cause mayhem just to cause mayhem, but there seems to be no end to everything he does. For the sake of discussion, let’s assume he actually kills Batman. And that? Joker doesn’t really seem to know how this all plays out.

5 Ozymandias needs to be told that he is special and pretty

Ozymandias from Watchmen

Like the story of Watchmen continued to unfold, it was unclear who the villain was or what his goal was. Eventually, it was revealed that billionaire super genius and renowned hero Ozymandias planned to destroy the world in order to save it. The only one who faced him was Rorschach, and that ended badly.

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But what kept catching up with him was his need to be recognized as the hero who saved the world from himself. Like many villains, his own ego kept him from being the hero he thought he was.

4 Eobard Thawne used time travel for the wrong reasons

Reverse Flash DC Comics

Few villains have made life worse for Barry Allen than Eobard Thawne. Sometimes he’s called Zoom or Professor Zoom, and other times he’s called Reverse-Flash, incredibly flashy. Regardless of the name, Thawne created the negative Speed ​​Force to become an evil sprinter.

The vast majority of Thawne’s plans seem to revolve around ruining Barry Allen’s life. But his reasoning seems absolutely pointless at times. If Thawne had put his vast intelligence into doing something remotely useful, he would have been known for much better reasons.

3 Sabretooth’s endless and futile fight with Wolverine

Saber Tooth Death Hunt

Wolverine has been through a lot of terrible things in his long life, most of which were caused by Sabretooth. Their history together has been clouded by so much memory manipulation by other people that probably none of them know how it all started.

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The fact that Sabretooth doesn’t remember why he hates Wolverine and keeps tormenting him should be a sign that he should stop. He won’t let go of his hatred for Wolverine, even though it only makes his life more difficult, it shows that he has no idea what he’s doing.

two Brainiac has a really weird hobby

Brainiac from DC Comics

There’s an incredible chance that Brainiac is the smartest character in all of the DC comics. He has long been an adversary of Superman due in large part to the fact that he once stole the entire city of Kandor from Krypton.

Brainiac’s logic when it comes to miniaturizing and stealing cities from various worlds had something to do with gathering knowledge. In reality, he’s a space freak with an absurd hobby that has victimized billions. However, whatever it is you need to say to yourself.

1 Green Goblin’s sociopathy cancels his brilliance

green Goblin

Norman Osborn is a brilliant scientist and businessman who eventually took a dark turn and became a super villain. Much of his focus was on destroying Spider-Man, which led to a lot of bad things happening in Osborn’s life.

As both Norman Osborn and Green Goblin, he’s done a lot of dangerously sociopathic things for basically no reason. Most of his plans were dedicated to wiping out the Wall Crawler, and none of them paid off in the long run. He tried very hard to achieve nothing.

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