Demonic resident Movies are meant to be big, loud, and (very) goofy, which is part of their charm. Realism is not a requirement, nor is it welcome, so it’s easy to scoff at how absurd the movies really are. Perhaps that was the intention: to allow the viewers to immerse themselves for 2 hours and to let them suspend their faith in a distant concept.

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Nonetheless, Demonic resident you don’t get a pass when it comes to scrutiny. The first movie had its own fair share of silly plot points and weird twists that didn’t make sense, and its sequel Apocalypse duplicates that notion.

10 Alice in a lab

Alice awakens in a secret Umbrella laboratory in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

At the end of the first Demonic resident In the film, the main protagonist Alice was knocked unconscious by Umbrella agents and taken to a laboratory, presumably to experiment on her. The sequel picks up exactly where that scene ended, with Alice stumbling outside in decimated Raccoon City.

The question is, why the hell were the Umbrella staff conducting experiments on her from inside such a place? Security is incredibly low, as evidenced by the fact that T-virus bioweapons managed to break in and massacre personnel. Surely such a secret Umbrella directive would be handled in a much safer place.

9 Shoot down zombies from the station

There is nothing more annoying than a hero who throws caution completely to the wind and puts everyone’s lives in danger. That’s what happens in the first act of Apocalypse when Jill Valentine struts into the local police station, where several officers are struggling to contain the undead.

Without missing a beat, he draws his pistol and fires them with perfect aim … inside a crowded room. This is regrettably and horribly irresponsible and would have put everyone’s lives in danger from the missed shots.

8 The newspaper article

Raccoon City under siege in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

While Apocalypse it’s definitely a throwback to the zombie movies of yore, particularly Day of the Dead, he is no less silly when he tries to copy some of the cliches. One of the most obvious is the camera shot of a newspaper with the headline “The Dead Walk”, which does not make chronological sense.

The T virus reportedly spread through Raccoon City in 13 hours, meaning there would be no time for a story to run, for edits to be made, or for the newspaper to come off the press. Also, why would someone bother to deliver the newspaper in the middle of a full-blown zombie outbreak?

7 Rapid fire perimeter construction

Raccoon City is sectioned by Umbrella in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Umbrella certainly works in tandem when it comes to building things, but even they don’t possess superhuman abilities. However, they manage to build a fence and an extremely elaborate gate system with watchtowers for personnel to position themselves and avoid escaping.

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This type of structure would take at least a week, and that in itself would require a large number of trained personnel. In the space of half a day, the best they could handle is some perimeter fencing and makeshift guard positions.

6 A gun shop with inventory

Alice raids a gun store in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Video game realism is very different from movie realism, and when the latter tries to woo the former, it ends in hilarity. Such is the case when Alice finds a gun shop within Raccoon City, where she proceeds to stock up on weapons and ammunition. Not only is this too convenient, it’s a ridiculous proposition.

A gun store would clean itself up in a matter of hours during a zombie outbreak when a panicked population would break in and try to hoard as much as it could. By the time it was all over, resources would be limited.

5 The cemetery scene

The dead rise from their graves in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

The T virus reanimates dead tissue and reactivates the brain by capitalizing on an electrical charge that is still present within hours of death. Of course, this premise is scientifically ridiculous, but it is the story the writers went with to sell the idea of ​​the dead coming back to life.

In Apocalypse, the T-Virus somehow manages to penetrate six feet of ground and permeate the coffins of the long-deceased, causing them to pull out a Suspense novel and attack the characters. This is silly, and it serves no other purpose than to wink and nod at the classic zombie tropes of the seventies and eighties.

4 Umbrella, Alice and Nemesis

Alice after defeating Nemesis in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Umbrella seems very interested in how Alice behaves against the hulking Nemesis, a bipedal T-virus nightmare with super strength and hunting ability. However, it doesn’t make sense that events had to go the way they did for that showdown to occur.

This goes back to the initial shot of Alice waking up in a woefully unsafe laboratory that has been invaded. If Umbrella were so concerned about investing in this particular showdown, both Nemesis and Alice would have been moved off-site and pitted against each other in a more controlled environment.

3 Ridiculously silly umbrella soldiers

Umbrella soldiers hold Alice in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

The second half of the film sees Alice running through a building while a chasing helicopter attacks the outside and lights it up with gunfire. This is a direct nod to Resident Evil: Code Veronica, a semi-sequel to the classic Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, from which many plot points are taken.

Instead of crashing into a room full of armed soldiers and firing a tank of gas, Alice stops in her tracks while the Umbrella soldiers stand there like fools. Realistically, they would have killed her without hesitation, but then there wouldn’t be a good grappling shot.

two Alice’s telekinetic powers

Alice uses psionic powers to kill an Umbrella security guard in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

No explanation is given as to how Alice develops the powers of telekinesis, or how the T virus plays a role. No other creature in the Demonic resident The movie franchise seems to have this power, except for her. It shows up a few times later. Demonic resident movies, before abandoning them altogether, perhaps due to an overabundance of power.

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Either way, it makes absolutely no sense that Alice can see through a camera lens and kill people looking at a security monitor. If she was that powerful, she wouldn’t have spared Dr. Isaacs’ life at the end of the movie. Unless, of course, there was some kind of RoboCop-Hidden fourth directive style in your programming.

1 Alice is allowed to leave

Alice can escape at the end of Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Apocalypse It ends with Alice whom Dr. Isaacs allows to leave, who is picked up by Carlos and Jill in a black van. Isaacs sees through their fake appearance, but no attempt is made to stop them, presumably so that he can bring out Alice’s new powers in the wild. This sets things up for the next movie, but the payoff never really happens.

As such, the film ends with an evil innuendo from Alice that never fully materializes. The question is, why should I do it? What possible purpose could Umbrella have for sending such an obscenely dominated bioweapon into the human world? They should have learned everything they needed to know from their “escape.”

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