The cutest member of 90 Day Fiancé, Aviel Shibre, created her masterpiece on the IG from mom Ariela Weinberg, who shared heartwarming stories from her past.

While 90 day fiancé: the other way Fans watched a pregnant Ariela Weinberg’s journey to motherhood with Biniyam Shibre on the show, it took them 10 months to see the baby. The contracts never allowed Ariela to show Aviel on her social media, making fans eager to find out more about the boy. But since the end, both Ariela and Biniyam have dedicated their Instagram to Avi, who is now 15 months old. And when Avi made his first drawing, 90 day fiancé Star Ariela immersed herself in her own childhood and shared some emotional snippets from her past.

Baby Avi entered the lives of Ariela and Biniyam in the midst of great difficulties. As Ariela struggled due to communication problems with Biniyam and her customs, trust issues also made their way into the relationship. Ariela, after having a painful emergency delivery, had to deal with the stress of her newborn’s circumcision and then pressure from the Biniyam sisters for Avi’s baptism. The Jewess Ariela not only accepted Biniyam’s faith for Avi, but was also betrothed to him by him 90 day fiancé: the other way ending on Timkat’s holy day in 2020. Since then, TLC’s new family of three has only shown joy and smiles on social media, and fans are especially in love with Avi’s adoration.

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Giving your Instagram followers another chance to “oooh“About baby Aviel, 90 day fiancé mother Ariela He recently shared a video of the little boy making his first piece of art. With Jessie J’s “MasterpiecePlaying in the background, baby Avi did his best rendition of Picasso for his star mother as she wrote a poignant title. “Before you were born I promised myself that I would do for you what my parents did for me.”Ari confessed while writing about her mom Janice and her dad Fred for introducing her to painting, photography and art in all its forms. Ariela recalled her trips to the MET and the Natural History Museum and the time she spent listening to “everything from Irish tenors to Sam Cookie and La Mosca. “

Ariela, who is also a freelance writer, shared how this led her to appreciate the natural world and “the people who study it. “Ariela added that learning languages ​​is the way she really bonded with her mother and thanked her parents for“the eclectic person“She is today. “I hope that one day Avi says the same about me, ”Wished the 90 day fiancé celebrity, and Ariela’s fans couldn’t help but flatter the baby they think she is “the perfect example of love. “Some of Ariela’s supporters congratulated her and Biniyam for being”such good parentsAnd the rest said they were moved by his heartfelt message.

Although Ariela had recently appeared in 90 days: Bars All To reveal that she and Biniyam had become distant due to their long working hours and hanging out with friends, it appears that the couple are now happy together. In the same way that Ariela and Biniyam managed to magically find a solution to all their fights and differences on the show, it could be off-camera too, the pair know how to fix their flaws. But since 90 day fiancé Fans are still wondering: if Biniyam and Ariela are married or not, could they come back through a spin-off? If not, it won’t be surprising to see Avi land his own solo series based on his popularity.

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