AEW has filed a trademark for Captain Insano, a professional wrestling character played by Paul Wight in 1998’s The Waterboy starring Adam Sandler.

After signing Paul Wight to a long-term contract, AEW has filed a trademark for his 1998 “Captain Insane” character. The water boy.

According to Fighter, Captain Insano’s AEW trademark is intended for use in video games and other digital media. Wight played professional wrestler Captain Insano in the 1998 film. His only scene involved receiving a call from Adam Sandler’s Bobby Boucher, who asked Captain Insano if he needed his own personal waterboy. When Captain Insano discovered that Boucher was a 31-year-old water boy, he laughed.

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The full description of the trademark says:

Check in favor: The CAPTAIN INSANO trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of video game cartridges and discs; Digital media, namely, pre-recorded DVDs, downloadable audio and video recordings and CDs that feature and promote wrestling; Downloadable video game software; Recorded video game software.

Paul Wight, the former WWE Big Show star, signed a long-term contract with AEW in late February. In addition to competing in the ring, Wight will also serve as a commentator on AEW’s newest show, AEW Dark: Elevation.

“It has been amazing to see what AEW has built in just a couple of years,” Paul Wight said in a statement. “Dark AEW It’s an amazing platform to hone the skills of up-and-coming fighters, but I also love that AEW’s established talent can develop their personalities and show themselves in new ways in Dark. It is not an exaggeration when they say that AEW has no limits. “

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“Paul Wight is one of the most recognized and impressive professional athletes in the world,” said Tony Khan, AEW CEO, CEO and Creative Director. “He wanted to come to AEW because he believes that we are the best promotion in wrestling, and we believe that he has a lot to offer us, both in the ring as a wrestler, and outside the ring as a commentator, host and ambassador for AEW.”

“Paul is one of the most seasoned stars in wrestling, and he is looking forward to working with our diverse roster,” added Khan. “You can benefit and guide our young talents with your mentorship and expert commentary on AEW Dark: Elevation will educate and entertain our fans, and will also educate the youngest fighters on the roster. Additionally, Paul enters AEW as a licensed fighter, and he is eager to study our talent firsthand from the comment table in preparation for his return to the ring! “

AEW Dark: Elevation will air on Mondays at 7 p.m. ET, complementing Dark AEW Tuesdays. Both shows will air on AEW’s YouTube channel and will showcase AEW’s established and rising stars, as well as the best independent wrestlers within the industry.

AEW Dynamite airs at 8 pm ET on TNT.

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Source: Fighter

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