Marvel Avengers It was released in 2020 by Square Enix and it’s off to a bit of a clunky start. While players raved about the main campaign, there was some criticism about the mechanics, character progression, microtransactions, customization and variation of the game that resulted in a drop in the number of people interacting with the product.

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There are plenty of other Marvel games and comics that fans can turn to, and in fact, it seemed so. However, 2021 is a new beginning for Square Enix, which is expected to make some updates. Avengers which seeks to completely change the content that players have become familiar with.

10 XP changes

marvel iron man avengers game flying

Progression and how a character can level up was not something players had a problem with. For the most part, the mechanics of this aspect of the game seemed fair and largely achievable. However, in order for the progression system to support other new aspects of the game, Square Enix is ​​making a change.

March 18 will see the release of a number of changes., including what’s called an “XP rework”. The developers suggest that there is no curve like in most other RPGs and that the leveling system may be too fast. Therefore, players will have to work harder to get their XP from level 25 onwards.

9 Free to play

THQ Avengers gameplay could have been FPS with Captain America armed with weapons

While nothing has been officially confirmed, Square Enix is ​​certainly looking to make big changes. There have been many rumors and signs that the game might be free. Of course, unlike other recent superhero title DLCs, all updates to Marvel Avengers they have been included in the initial price of the game.

However, there are many microtransactions impacting poses, nameplates, character customization, and other similar items that require real money. These items could be removed before the end of the year to make the game more accessible to a wider range of players.

8 Hawkeye DLC

Hawkeye in Marvel's Avengers by Square-Enix

Speaking of DLC, March 18 will also see the release of the latest Hawkeye DLC, which could have massive repercussions for the game’s future narrative. This new story is titled Imperfect future and will follow Clint Barton as the protagonist.

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This is a direct follow-up to Kate Bishop’s earlier story. Pointing, who saw Clint’s protégé look for him after he was incarcerated by AIM. It will see players travel to the far future, where the Kree have launched a massive attack on Earth, leading to the end of the world.

7 Return to the campaign

Marvel's Avengers game does not have direct cooperative mode

Players were incredibly frustrated to learn that they were originally unable to replay the game’s beloved campaign, with its leveled heroes and new characters. This was an oversight of game development, but Square Enix has listened and was willing to fix it.

The developers have announced players will soon be able to fully reproduce the Reassembled story campaign, along with the use of your improved and experienced range of heroes in these family battles. It is another update that seeks to continue expanding the options that players have.

6 Master and other villains

Avengers Master Game Hulk

Whether they are somehow understanding or pure evil, fans have come to absolutely love Marvel villains. The original campaign allowed players to once again fight Taskmaster, Abomination, The Scientist Supreme, MODOK, and the Kree, along with various AIM thugs and androids.

The first Kate Bishop DLC and the subsequent game only expanded this to Watchdogs and Super-Adaptoid. Imperfect future It has been confirmed to include a Master boss battle, but with players looking for more variations, there may be several other thugs and boss battles that will be added to the game in future updates.

5 More DLC

Marvel's Avengers patch has over 1,000 fixes, some for game-breaking bugs

Avengers is set to continue expanding its DLC throughout the year, which will indeed include new heroes and villains. Currently, he has his sights set on wrapping up this Hawkeye release, though, with the introduction of the Kree, signs could point to the next addition of Captain Marvel.

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Alternatively, the game has been built for characters like Nick Fury, Ant-Man, or even Maria Hill to get their own narratives. There were rumors that the first DLC to be released would be based on Black Panther and Wakanda, however the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman led to the plans changing significantly.

4 Next-gen games

Heroes of the game Marvel Avengers

Another important move by Square Enix is ​​that the Avengers It will be available on next-gen consoles. A lot of work has gone into ensuring they work with these updated systems, from complex controllers to leveraging load speeds.

However, Square Enix goes one step further. Are allowing players to get a free update to next-gen consoles and ensuring that it is easy to pick up where the player left off in terms of their in-game progression. This is another launch that will take place on March 18.

3 HARM customizable room

The Avengers fight Iron Man and Mrs. Marvel in Square Enix Avengers Game

Players will be introduced to the HARM room that can be found in the in-game Helicarrier. It is an area that provides a space for players to feel comfortable using certain characters, helps improve them, and acts in many ways as a tutorial against programmed enemies.

It’s a unique addition but one that didn’t feel too personalized. The next update will completely change how this X-Men inspired ‘Danger Room’ -like space will work. Square Enix has confirmed players will now be able to customize the HARM room by setting up different challenges and enemies, as well as altering environmental hazards.

two Spiderman

Spider-Man PS4 turned white symbol

When the game was first marketed to fans, it was confirmed that Spider-Man would be a PlayStation exclusive. Since then, there has been very little talk of Peter Parker having risen to the mark. Avengers.

While its unique mechanics are likely to be difficult to incorporate into the game, the success of the Spiderman The title may have meant that Sony wanted to keep the character away from the Square Enix project. However, as of now, Spider-Man should still join the other Avengers at some point, perhaps in 2021.

1 Drive to bring back the fans

Kate Bishop Marvel's Avengers cover

Marvel Avengers You may have had a difficult year in 2020; 2021 is an era of change for the game as it continues to evolve. All of these changes are part of a larger push to bring players back and hopefully attract new fans to the project.

Along with these significant moves, the developers are committed to updating the game, fixing any bugs, and providing constant community challenges and other similar events. There are a number of other changes they could make, including couch co-op play, full character customization, and expansion to playable villains, which may happen in 2021 and generate renewed interest as you try to make your case to be. a quality comic video. game.

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