It has become almost a pastime for modern young adults to ponder the media of yesteryear and detect how weird and creepy things were, particularly in older cartoons. This includes the scene of isolation in the Sponge Bob Square Pants episode “SB-129” and the graphic, bunny fights in Sunken ship.

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However, not all old cartoons “accidentally” include their scares. Perhaps the most famous of all horror cartoons is none other than Courage the Cowardly Dog, an animated black comedy that often pits a small farm dog against all manner of surreal monsters. And while many children at heart today still look back at the series with some trepidation, the parts of the series that made it lighter, funnier and more endearing should not be forgotten.

10 Courage helps a swamp monster find his girlfriend

Swamp monster and his girlfriend

It shouldn’t be obvious that a series that purposely cultivates a horror aesthetic would have an homage or two to classic horror movies. It so happens that in “Bride of Swamp Monster,” Courage was able to honor both the Bride of frankenstein Y Creature from the Black Lagoon as well as telling a moving story about lost lovers.

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When a swamp monster begins to suspect that Muriel is somehow his long-lost girlfriend, Courage is tasked with finding the real one unless he wants Muriel to be dragged into the swamp. The girlfriend herself is also far from as intimidating as her husband. She is actually a postman who tends to have problems with her short-term memory. When the two of you reconnect, there’s even a good moment where the two of you just argue like an old couple.

9 Courage helps Big Foot find his mom

Courage and big foot

Unlike many others, Courage has no interest in discovering Bigfoot. Despite the legendary cryptid’s frenzied media story, seeing the giant, furry monster would probably be too exhilarating for the pink dog. The episode “Courage Meets Big Foot” is here.

As usual, Courage initially freaks out when he suddenly runs into the famous Big Foot. However, he begins to see the creature in a new light when he discovers that he is just the lost little boy of a concerned mother. From there, Courage stops fearing Big Foot and in turn uses his small body to protect the big man when Eustace brings in a mob to corner the beast.

8 Courage helps a beaver regain his love of jazz

A beaver tale

While this series is filled with a variety of monsters and malevolent forces, not all Courage’s problems are solved by fighting or running away. Sometimes you just need to spend time on what you initially fear and help them solve their own problems. That’s exactly the case in “A Beaver’s Tale” when Courage’s home, once dry and barren, suddenly flooded.

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Doing what beavers do, an overzealous beaver apparently built a gigantic dam that brought water to the farm. Only after learning of the little creature’s appreciation for jazz and his own subsequent struggles against his disapproving father does Courage realize that he had to bring music back to the beaver’s life.

7 Courage Reconnects Bunny and Kitty

The mask

Courage the Cowardly Dog It may be famous for its terrifying villains, but some of its most beloved episodes are famous more for its heart than its suspense. In one of the popular episodes of the series “The Mask”, the farm is suddenly greeted with a wandering traveler known simply for his white dress, mask and a strong hatred for dogs.

This part of the episode was quite strange. However, the coldness and harshness of this character is in stark contrast to the episode’s conclusion, where Courage manages to reconnect her with her best friend who had been trapped in an abusive relationship with a vicious dog.

6 Courage helps a dragon eat fish and not people

Courage and a water dragon

The episode “Food of the Dragon”, deep down, wasn’t even scary. For a good chunk of the episode, it showed a large dragon struggling to catch and eat the Courage family, and the dragon itself didn’t even have such intimidating demeanor. As the episode progresses, Courage helps the dragon discover its roots.

The dragon was actually a water dragon that had separated from its family and was raised by fire-breathing, people-eating dragons. Having successfully helped the beast discover itself, Courage was able to turn it into a fish diet.

5 The Giant Kangaroo Fight

Courage like a giant kangaroo

If there is one thing that is often overlooked in this series, it is the level of camping that takes place throughout its stories. As famous as he is for his scares, Courage the Cowardly Dog It’s a dark comedy, and it often stays true to the comedy aspect with lots of quick jokes, heartfelt stories, and overly outrageous episodes like “The Transplant.”

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A surgical mishap turns Eustace into a giant, destructive kangaroo, and Courage’s only solution to stopping him is to become a giant, destructive kangaroo. Unless someone has a deep-seated phobia of kangaroos, there is only one really silly giant monster fight to enjoy here.

4 Courage buys fancy clothes from some monks

Golem in a fur coat

It’s hard not to laugh at this series when some of its solutions to really dark dilemmas are so silly. In “Forbidden Hat of Gold,” Courage’s family is at odds with a group of monks when Eustace tries to steal the episode’s namesake. Apparently, they were meddling in a land that renounced greed and vanity at all costs, and that’s basically what Eustace Bagge is all about.

When it looks like Muriel is about to be punished by a giant stone golem, Courage decides to use the monks’ policy against them and buys them all, including the golem and some fancy fur coats. This not only beats the monks, but somehow forces the golem to self-destruct.

3 Courage fights an army of eggplants

Eggplants in Journey to the Center of Nowhere

Not everything Courage faces is inherently terrifying, especially a bunch of eggplants. Even as an army, the concept and the actual characters are safer than not. In “Journey to the Center of Nowhere”, Muriel plans to cook some of the eggplants from her garden for a good meal.

The Eggplants themselves apparently find out about this and plot their own blow against Muriel. It’s a premise pretty much borrowed from a Dreamworks or Pixar movie that only gets even dumber when Courage disguises herself as “Big Eggplant.”

two Cowboy value

Cowboy value

Just as not all monsters need to be inherently terrifying, not all episodes need to have a horror or suspense theme. Sometimes the cast and creators just want to have fun, and that sense of fantasy permeates the entirety of “Cowboy Courage.”

This episode is exactly as advertised. It’s an Old West version of Courage the Cowardly Dog where Muriel plays the damsel in distress, Eustace plays the vicious outlaw, and Courage plays the brave new sheriff who just arrived in town.

1 Bonds of Valor to the Hunchback

Courage and hunchback

While there are many joyous episodes in Courage the Cowardly DogFew have been as consistently uplifting as “The Hunchback of Nowhere.” Here, a wandering hunchback struggles to find refuge in Nowhere and gets no better treatment when he stops at Eustace’s door. Not receiving much better treatment from the house, Courage meets the Hunchback once more when he finds him hiding inside the barn.

While there, the two connect in a variety of fun and whimsical games, such as shadow puppets, ringing bells, and even some practice with a trapeze act. The Hunchback himself even defends Courage from Eustace more often than any other character in the series and has to leave the episode, not as a monster but as a friend that any fan can fondly look at.

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