There are many anime and video game franchises that have become bigger hits than anyone could have anticipated, but it’s remarkable how Pokemon has managed to not only remain relevant, but also find new markets to dominate and further strengthen its brand. Any series that has been run for decades is likely to change over time and Pokemon‘s the anime series has evolved effectively and used a rotating cast of supporting characters.

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Ash Ketchum is a constant of the Pokemon anime, but the same can be said for Jessie and James, two representatives of the evil organization Team Rocket. Team Rocket is a very recognizable group, but there is also much more than meets the eye.

10 How old are Jessie and James? In his 20s (in the original anime)

Rocket Team Pokémon

Timing can be tricky in anime, especially something like the collective. Pokemon series that has accumulated hundreds of episodes and has been running for decades. the Pokemon The anime records Ash’s collective progress, but it certainly doesn’t age as the anime progresses.

A special promo CD for the anime reveals that Jessie and James are in their twenties in the second episode of the series, which is a bit jarring considering that Ash himself is only ten years old. Interestingly, video games make Team Rocket cohorts the same age as the protagonist.

9 What is your mission statement? That Pokémon exist solely for profit and exploitation

Team Rocket is in their Meowth hot air balloon

Team Rocket is known for their criminal behavior, and if something evil is afoot, it’s safe to assume Team Rocket is responsible. However, this is not a group that only engages in lawlessness and chaos for the purpose of fear.

Team Rocket has a mission statement that articulates very clearly where its priorities lie. The group has a three-part creed that states that Pokémon exist for the purpose of being stolen or exploited for profit. Above all, they believe that Pokémon exist explicitly for their use and to help them. provoke world domination.

8 Who is your leader? Giovanni (in the original anime)

Team Rocket is a vast organization that is responsible for so many mysterious operations that it would make perfect sense if their leader were someone who guards their identity and keeps their role a secret. Giovanni flaunts his role with pride as the leader of Team Rocket, despite how he used to be a gym leader.

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Some leaders are mere glorified front men, but Giovanni has a great passion for the group’s mission. It is Giovanni who picks up the pieces each time Team Rocket falters and stays with the group through its various permutations, valuing them even above his family.

7 Where they are located? Its main bases of operations are in Johto, Kanto and the Sevii Islands.

Beware of Team Rocket

It has been fascinating to watch the literal world of Pokémon grow with each new generation. enter more regions or expands on previous real estate. There is now a fairly broad map in the series and it’s worth noting that Team Rocket is prominent in many areas, but it hasn’t exactly spread everywhere.

Team Rocket is the most widely located and wide-ranging team of villains with their main bases of operations in Johto, Kanto, and the Sevii Islands. the Pokemon The anime has also shown factions in the Orange Islands, Unova, and an implicit presence in Hoenn and Sinnoh as well.

6 Are they violent towards Pokémon? Yes, and they have actually killed Pokémon

There are many villains in PokemonBut there is certainly a sliding scale of how far these individuals will go, especially when it comes to the actual damage they do to Pokémon. Pokemon works hard to sidestep concepts like death on the premise that Pokémon “faint” in battle, but there are a few occasions when references are made to the death of Pokémon.

Perhaps the most chilling and memorable example of this involves the dead Marowak who is present in Pokémon Tower, who is revealed to be Team Rocket’s work and makes a morbid connection to Cubone. Pokémon Pokédex entry.

5 Are they still in operation? Not on the official Canon, although they still make non-Canon cameos

Anime Pokemon Giovanni Runs Team Rocket

Team Rocket is a persistent threat throughout the Pokemon franchise, but the series’ heroes have helped weed out the darker influences whenever possible. As a result, Team Rocket is no longer operational within video games. Giovanni’s defeat leads to the closure of the Team Rocket factions and the remaining members decide to unite and regroup in the Alola region under the new brand, Team Rainbow Rocket.

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The Rainbow Rocket team is also led by Giovanni, but this too is raided and shut down, resulting in Giovanni’s bold decision to take his efforts to another reality all together. Team Rocket still appears occasionally in games like Pokemon go or Super Smash Bros. as non-canonical cameo types, but it’s usually just for some fun event and is not meant to indicate that the team actually “came back.”

4 Do they have their own Pokémon? Some Team Rocket staff members have their own creatures

Anime Pokemon Team Rocket Prize Master Shock

Team Rocket has highly controversial views on Pokémon and it wouldn’t be surprising if they maintained a distant relationship with the creatures where they are seen more as tools of destruction than companions. the Pokemon The anime details that Team Rocket staff have individual Pokémon, such as Giovanni’s Persian or Jessie’s Wobbuffet.

However, the organization is slowly moving to a Rocket Prize Master model where they acquire their Pokémon through this machine, which is more for individual use. This leads to a slightly less personal connection between Team Rocket and its Pokémon, but allows for a much wider diversity of creatures.

3 Where do the names of your agents come from? They are all named after famous outlaws and “villains” from real life history.

Anime Pokemon Team Rocket Butch Cassidy Pose

One of the fun details within Team Rocket that some of the more observant fans may have noticed over the years is that all of the signature agents are named after notorious outlaws and tyrants. Jessie and James start this trend, but it becomes obvious once their competition from another faction, Butch and Cassidy, come to play.

This goes even further and other operating duos are called Annie and Oakley, as well as Attila and Hun. It raises the question of whether these titles are actually code names rather than people’s actual names.

two Do you have any special Pokémon technology? They have a device that forces Pokémon to evolve, as well as technology based on Rotom

Anime Pokemon Meowth Team Rocket Rotom Telephone

Team Rocket is a dangerous organization, but many times they achieve their goals simply through mild terrorism and intimidation. However, the anime and games show that Team Rocket has also stolen or built special equipment to give them an advantage or incite mayhem.

The group has a device that can force Pokémon to evolve, which they deliberately use in Heart of gold Y Silver Soul to provoke an attack from Gyarados in the Lake of Fury. However, the anime also shows that Team Rocket have useful Rotom technology and the creator of Rocket Prize Master to keep your Pokémon profile diversified.

1 Are there still followers? Several things point to an impending revival

There are curious allusions in some Pokemon games to a possible resurgence of Team Rocket, even after the organization’s second shutdown. A single growl from Team Rocket bursts into Kanto Power Plant to steal important technology and Heart of gold Y Silver Soul remake gives you additional dialogue about rebuilding Team Rocket in your home country.

However, the events of Black Y White reveal that he did not follow through with this plan after falling in love and starting a family, leaving Team Rocket without support and still disbanded.

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