The second demo of Monster Hunter Rise adds an incredibly powerful new creature and Screen Rant had a chance to lock blades with it before launch.

The second Monster hunter rise The demo has arrived, adding a challenging new encounter to the game that will challenge hunters like never before. First Monster hunter rise The demo was available earlier this year and featured two hunts and a selection of tutorials.

The first demo had searches for a Great Izuchi and a Mizutsune, neither of which were particularly strenuous. This was disappointing, as there was no need to familiarize yourself with all the new content that Monster hunter rise has added to the combat system. The monsters were quickly reduced to a barrage of basic attacks, so there wasn’t much incentive to learn how Silkbind attacks work or how to use Wirebug to add verticality to player movement. Palamute mounts offered a faster way to traverse the battlefield, but the range of these new mounted allies was not realized.

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The second demonstration of Monster hunter rise It has all the content of the original, along with a new battle against Magnamalo, who appears on the cover of the game. Magnamalo is classified as an advanced hunt, and will ruthlessly tear hunters apart. This monster is the cover mascot for a reason, as it will wipe out anyone who tries to take it lightly.

Hellfire by Magnamalo

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Magnamalo Sword Ax Battle

Magnamalo’s trick is that he can attack with purple-tinged hellfire, but the deadliest weapon in Magnamalo’s arsenal is his tail, which can OHKO a hunter if he can’t block or dodge in time. This difficulty level might sound nasty, but the battle against Magnamalo is phenomenal and it’s surprising that it wasn’t included in the first demo. There was never much incentive to learn Wirebug’s mechanics in the first demo, but knowing them is a must if the player has any hope of taking down Magnamalo, especially if they want to face him in a solo hunt. The ability to fly across the battlefield can help the player avoid Magnamalo’s powerful attacks, and traversing the arena as Spider-Man to find a safe place to drink a potion is often necessary for survival.

One of the new tricks in Monster hunter rise is the ability to temporarily mount monsters and use them to fight other creatures. This was not very useful in the first demo, but being able to assemble a Mizutsune and use it to take on Maganamalo shows how much this mechanic is game-changing. In the major Monster hunter games, having two monsters in the same arena was a nightmare, but in Monster Hunter Rise, can give players epic Godzilla vs. Kong moments. The Battle of Magnamalo requires players to put all their skills to work and offers more incentives to learn all the new tricks in Monster hunter rise than the hunts of the Great Izuchi or Mizutsune.

The only major issue with the Battle of Magnamalo is the time limit. Players only have fifteen minutes to defeat him, which is incredibly stingy for such a strong monster. It doesn’t help that Magnamalo is always spawning on the far side of the map, which means players will waste time scrolling through the entire map each time. The Battle of Magnamalo is tough, but it’s exciting, and players shouldn’t have to wait to jump into action, nor should they have to rush to victory before time runs out. That said, the Magnamalo fight is much more indicative of what players can expect in Monster hunter rise than what was offered in the first demo, and the new possibilities of the game’s combat system are more visible than ever.

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Monster hunter rise It will be available for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021 and will launch on PC in early 2022. The second demo will launch on March 11.

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