A comment from Barry in the latest episode of The Flash confirms that season 7 continues an absurd tradition about the speed of its villains.

A comment by Barry (Grant Gustin) on The flash The latest episode confirms that Season 7 continues an absurd villain tradition that has been going on since the beginning of the series. Barry may be the Flash, but he has often faced villains capable not only of matching but of even exceeding his speed, despite countless voiceovers declaring himself the fastest man in the world.

Barry found he lacked speed against the show’s first three main villains. Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh), Zoom (Teddy Sears), and Savitar were all faster than Barry, which is the main reason he had a hard time beating them. Barry’s speed has increased by a wide margin since those days, but the difficulties he has in defeating his opponents have persisted. Even villains who aren’t necessarily sprinters have abilities that can run faster than Barry’s. This allows them to defeat him in combat.

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This is a long-standing problem that has not gone away. In The flash Season 7, Episode 2, titled “Speed ​​of Thought,” Barry told Cisco (Carlos Valdez) that Mirror Mistress, aka Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor), is faster than him. Apparently, the ability to react at an incredibly fast speed is one of his many mirror powers. While her speed was known to exceed his in season 6, Barry’s admission remains surprising. At the time it was believed that Eva could only beat Barry effortlessly because the Speed ​​Force was dead. Most of her speed had already evaporated by that point, so being slower than her in season 6 seemed excusable to a degree.

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Although Barry has now regained his full power thanks to the Artificial Speed ​​Force, his situation has apparently not changed. Given Barry’s newfound quick thinking ability, he is likely to make no mistake in evaluating his abilities. That means Mirror Mistress really is faster than Flash in its normal state, and that’s a bit of a disappointment. It’s hard to imagine that a non-speedster would have this advantage over a character who is commonly considered the fastest hero in the Arrowverse, but somehow, The flash has confirmed that this is the case. Eva just became the latest example of the Arrowverse making Barry slower than his opponents.

Barry’s reputation as the fastest man alive is what makes that approach so problematic. It seems that The flash He needs his villains to be faster than him to prevent him from winning during his first fight. Regardless, Eva maintaining her lead over Barry despite the emergence of the Artificial Speed ​​Force means that as usual strategy and teamwork will need to be employed when they have their next showdown. However, one thing that Barry will have going for him is that while he is not faster than her, he has at least narrowed the gap. Powered by the new Speed ​​Force, Barry was able to steal her dark matter particles without her realizing it, so her increased speed could end up making a difference when it comes time for their final fight in The flash season 7.

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