Frank “The Punisher” Castle is not your typical Marvel superhero. Mainly because he is not a super, nor is he a hero. He is on the top 10 antiheroes list though, and fans love him for it! His crusades have taken some really gruesome turns as he declares bloody wars on crime and is victorious. With a death count of around 48,500, it’s obvious The Punisher takes no prisoners. In a one-number comic called The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Doug Braithwaite and Michael L. Halblieb, the man is hell-bent (as the title suggests) to destroy the entire Marvel Universe.

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However, this one man war machine has a code when conducting business, the main rule is to forgive the innocent at all costs. You make sure you don’t make the mistake your family died for. The mistake the Punisher made him. Although he manages to follow his rule to the letter during his massacres; Some comics, movies, and even the Netflix series show Frank Castle killing a person who doesn’t deserve it.

10 kills his only friend to fulfill his mission, Daredevil cannot reason with Frank

Daredevil Matt Murdock Punisher Frank Castle Marvel Comics

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The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe has many undeserved deaths. The most notable of which is Frank Castle’s attorney during his incarcerations: Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil. Although many Marvel characters have been incarcerated, The Punisher probably has the longest jail time.

So Castle and Murdock have a very complex relationship. After eliminating Daredevil, his ultimate goal, Frank unmasks him to find the body of his only true friend in his arms.

9 Frank Castle smashes Spider-Man, even if he’s a friendly neighbor

Venom Eddie Brock Spider-man Peter Parker Punisher Frank Castle Marvel Comics

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In an alternate universe, Frank Castle’s family meets their untimely demise in the wake of a battle in Central Park between some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. The Punisher kills the Marvel Universe is a one-issue comic by Garth Ennis, Doug Braithwaite, and Michael L. Halblieb.

As the title suggests, The Punisher sets out to hunt down the entire Marvel Universe. While Spider-Man and Venom are on each other’s necks, he successfully lures them into a booby-trapped sewer where he finishes them off with ease. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man did not deserve this punishment. Poor Spidey.

8 domestic abusers will be shot on the spot, literary men and taxi drivers too

Number 82 of The Spectacular Spider-Man by Bill Mantlo, Al Milgrom, Jim Mooney, Bob Sharen and Diana Albers shows The Punisher at its most destructive in the first 5 pages. His first target is a man assaulting his wife, a heinous crime that does not deserve such excessive force.

Their next targets are a couple who missed the garbage can when they dumped a newspaper they were using to protect themselves from the rain. When the shots from Castle’s gun scare the passing taxi, the driver ignores the red light out of fear and ends up as The Punisher’s ultimate target.

7 it took a nuclear missile to crush the thing, along with most of the super teams

X-men Punisher Frank castillo marvel comics Luna

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The entire Marvel Universe does not deserve the wrath of The Punisher in The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. But the death of some characters is really a shame. Like The Thing of the Fantastic Four, for example. Its rough exterior encapsulates the kindest superhero of all time.

When Frank Castle gets a nuclear weapon from Doom, he tricks most of Marvel’s elite superheroes and supervillains into going to the moon. Once there, he sends them a parting gift that could be considered a bit of a stretch; even by Castle standards.

6 the blacksmith deserved to live with the consequences of his actions

Punisher Frank Castle Jon Bernthal Netflix Blacksmith Marvel

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Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, makes his debut in the second season of Reckless. He is the antithesis of Matt Murdock, who firmly believes that the judicial system works. Frank, on the other hand, does not operate within a moral code. At the end of the season, The Punisher takes out former unit commander Ray Schoonover (The Blacksmith) for murdering his family in cold blood.

Karren berates Castle for Blacksmith’s murder, arguing that he deserves a punishment far worse than death. Being humiliated and imprisoned would have been a much more appropriate sentence than execution.

5 a federal agent as a human shield? Frank should have realized that he cannot control the chaos he creates.

Punisher Warzone Movie Frank Castle Marvel comics

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The Punisher: War Zone is a movie that takes place 5 years after The Punisher started his crusade. His quest to punish evil leads him to the hideout of Billy “The Beaut” Russotti’s recycling plant. During the shooting, Frank Castle uses Nicky Donatelli’s body as a human shield.

He later discovers that Donatelli was in fact an undercover FBI agent. The result of his actions not only resulted in the death of an innocent man, but also led to the creation of “Jigsaw.”

4 when the governments of the world take away all the criminals with nuclear war, the punisher decides to eradicate humanity itself

Punisher the end Frank Castle nuclear consequences Marvel Comics

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Garth Ennis strikes again with Richard Corben as illustrator, in another twist on Dark Punisher. They manage to create a world of post-apocalyptic radioactive fallout. In another one-issue comic, The Punisher: The End, Frank Castle goes on a final hunt. Only this time, humanity itself is the target.

Track down the last group of survivors on foot, where they are lethally exposed to radiation. Nothing else to lose, he makes sure to wipe out the human race to prevent future man-made catastrophes.

3 a hundred year old mob boss is not safe from the punisher

Punisher Max Frank Castillo Marvel Comics

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In the first issue “In The Beginning” of The Punisher: Frank Castle Max By Garth Ennis, Lewis Larosa, and Tom Palmer, Frank crashes a mob boss’s 100th birthday party and takes him out with a one-hit headshot.

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Slaughter the entire crew with a machine gun shortly after. He could have left the poor old man alone. He was practically dead, “Don only in title.” Maybe he does it out of personal hatred towards the mob for the death of his family.

two Clint shouldn’t have mentioned child pornography

Punisher Frank Castle Jon Bernthal Netflix Marvel

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From Netflix Reckless Not only did he give fans amazing quotes, but he also features the opposite of the leading man. A vigilante willing to kill himself: The Punisher. The latter’s insatiable thirst for blood remained intact. It is shown in the second episode when he meets Clint, the owner of a pawn shop who tries to sell child pornography to Frank Castle.

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The Punisher ends up beating him to death with his own merchandise, a baseball bat. The crime does not deserve the punishment in this case. Even if it’s disgusting.

1 Captain Castle would rather eliminate a wounded enemy than leave him in the Vietnamese jungle

Punisher Frank Castle Born in Vietnam Marvel Comics

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In what appears to be one of The Punisher’s darkest backstories, the second issue of Born Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson portrays Frank Castle as a captain from Vietnam. After a sniper ambush that kills several troops, Captain Castle single-handedly eliminates all 6 snipers with a light machine gun. A Viet Cong sniper survives the Castle bombing but is wounded.

Captain Castle calmly approaches the scene and, without hesitation, shoots the Vietnamese woman, killing her instantly. Why wouldn’t he leave her in the jungle? It is practically dead.

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