As of January 2021, Marvel Studios and released WandaVision, which has since become one of the most popular television shows in the world. From creative storytelling to ties to the MCU, the show has had audiences glued to their televisions to learn the fates of their favorite characters.

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Starting with Episode 7, WandaVision The creators began to include some revealing post-credits scenes that hint at future events. Although the stingers themselves have raised many questions, they also serve to foreshadow and link events within the MCU. More than a few viewers likely scratched their heads in some of the scenes, especially those less familiar with the deeper lore of Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Marvel as a whole.

10 The use of medium credit scenes is related to the time of the episode

Wanda and Vision Marvel

At the beginning of the series, many fans were surprised that the post-credit scenes were completely absent, as they are generally expected from an MCU production. The potential reasoning behind the exclusion was evidently intentional and has an interesting backstory.

The first episode to include a post-credits scene, Episode 7, takes place in the early to mid-2000s, based on references to Malcolm in the middle and the “mockumentary” style filming of shows like The office Y Modern Family. The choice to include a stinger in the episode correlates with the decade that Marvel movies began to implement post-credits scenes in their theatrical releases.

9 White Vision was first introduced in 1989 in The West Coast Avengers

white vision wandavision wonder

At the end of Episode 8, the audience was introduced to an alternate “White” Vision, created by SWORD director and idiot, Tyler Hayward. Although the inclusion of White Vision appears to be somewhat random at first, the character was originally introduced over thirty years ago in The Avengers of the West Coast.

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In the story arc aptly named “Vision Quest”, the original Vision was kidnapped in an attempt to copy its technology. After the Avengers finally came to Visions’ rescue, however, the damage had already been done and they were unable to repair his synthetic exterior, resulting in his white appearance.

8 The meaning of Monica Rambeau’s mother in the MCU

Maria Rambeau in Plane Marvel

Monica’s mother, Maria Rambeau, is referenced several times throughout WandaVision. After its appearance in Captain Marvel, the audience was wondering, “What is his overall importance in the MCU?” At WandaVision mid-credits scene from the season finale, the audience learns that “an old friend of [her] of the mother “.

We know of Captain Marvel that Maria Rambeau was instrumental in helping the Skrull refugees alongside Nick Fury, whom the scene certainly references. As the original founder of SWORD, Maria likely intended to have her daughter replace her as the new Director, thus shaping her role for future MCU films.

7 A nod to Spider-Man: Away from Home’s post-credit scene

nick fury marvel skrull

As the mid-credits scene begins, an FBI agent approaches Monica, who turns out to be a Skrull in disguise. Interestingly, this reveal is also a nod to the post-credit scene at the end of Marvel’s. Spider-Man far from home.

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In the scene, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are revealed to be two Skrull agents, Taos and Soren. Fans of Captain Marvel will recognize the couple as refugees who escaped from the tyrannical and militaristic Kree. Not only does WandaVisionThe post-credit scene established Monica’s ongoing relationship with the Skrulls, but it runs directly parallel to the scene from Far from home as well.

6 The Skrull sent by “an old friend”

Skrull Wandavision Marvel

In the mid-credits scene, Monica asks, “Where?” after being informed that an old friend of her mothers would like to meet her. Skrull’s undercover agent responds by mysteriously pointing upward, likely indicating that Nick Fury himself sent the messenger.

At the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the public learned that Nick Fury was hosting events from a space station high above Earth, although details on his location are somewhat vague. However, his desire to reunite with Monica could indicate his knowledge of her newly acquired powers and her continuing role in Captain Marvel 2.

5 Monica Rambeau’s role in Captain Marvel 2

monica rambeau marvel specter

WandaVision Fans who are newer to the MCU or unfamiliar with previous films may not know that Monica Rambeau’s character was already established in Captain Marvel. The movie, which is set in 1995, featured nine-year-old Monica Rambeau who befriends Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel).

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His continuing role in WandaVision and his newly acquired superpowers no doubt indicate that he will play a major role in the sequel, Captain Marvel 2. Her previous experience and knowledge of Skrull could also establish her as a key figure on Nick Fury’s team in the film.

4 Scarlet Witch’s connection to Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch Marvel

Along the WandaVision, there are several indications that the incumbent Wanda (as Scarlet Witch) will play a role in the next Strange doctor sequel movie. For example, Agatha mentions, “Your power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme”, referring to Doctor Strange. This also indicates that Strange may have a confrontational relationship with Wanda in the future.

Another clue occurs in the post-credits scenes, where the audience sees Wanda using an astral projection of herself. Fans of Doctor Strange know that creating an astral project requires concentration and energy, as Strange himself is only about to do it while unconscious. However, not only is Wanda able to do it while conscious, but her projection is even relaxed enough to make some tea and go about her business.

3 Where was Wanda’s cabin?

wandavision hut Wundagore mountain

The post-credit scene opens with an establishment shot of a seemingly remote cabin that Wanda is staying in. This raises the obvious question: “Where is this secluded cabin located?” Interestingly, the location has sparked a debate among fans of the MCU, as it could reference the origins of the Wanda and The Darkhold comics.

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Many have speculated that the cabin is located near Wundagor Mountain, which is a well-known location in the Marvel Comics universe. According to comic lore, a demon named Chthon created The Darkhold on Mountain Wundagore. With this in mind, it would make sense for Wanda to have returned to the place where the book was created to access her true potential.

two The Powers of Wanda’s Book of Sins, The Darkhold

Scarlet Witch With Cufflinks Comic Marvel

Towards the end of WandaVision, it is very clear that The Darkhold, or The Book of Sins, is an extremely powerful magical artifact, capable of unlocking the true powers of Scarlet Witch. In the post-credit scene, the audience sees Wanda as Scarlet Witch studying the book, trying to access her magic.

Wanda’s use of The Darkhold provides another unmistakable allusion to her role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity as well. As “Master of the Mystic Arts”, Doctor Strange is tasked with protecting the world from the “mystical threats”, which Scarlet Witch now represents due to her involvement in The Darkhold.

1 The heartbreaking screams of Wanda’s twins

Scarlet Witch With Cufflinks Comic Marvel

Before the final post-credit scene ends, the screams of Wanda’s twins can be heard echoing throughout her astral projection. The public learned that her twins appear to be a manufactured manifestation of her powers rather than being tied to the real world. However, hearing their screams at the end could indicate that they will play a bigger role in the MCU.

Wanda is seen listening to the voices while reading The Darkhold which, according to the MCU, is capable of altering and distorting reality. This may herald the fact that Wanda’s twins have been resurrected as part of another reality, or perhaps Wanda is in the process of learning how to resurrect them herself.

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