Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has put an original spin on the established events of the comics, WandaVision stayed pretty true to the original material. That doesn’t mean everything was adapted exactly the same, but it was a good representation of what comic book fans know about the characters.

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However, it is not possible to include everything as it is in the comics, as the MCU has its own set of set events. At the end, WandaVision chose to make strong references to important details in the source material. Some of these plot points were adapted differently, while others were completely excluded.

10 Left out: Agatha being Franklin Richards’ governess

Some fans of WandaVision You may not have realized that Agnes had a completely different character arc in the comics. Debuting in Fantastic Four # 94She approached Agnes to be the governess of the supremely powerful Franklin Richards.

WandaVision she put aside all of Agatha’s maternal instincts, as she had been fiercely protective of Franklin. The MCU series also adapted Agatha as a much younger character compared to her elderly appearance in the comics.

9 Referenced: Agatha being active during the Salem Witch Trials

WandaVision Episode 8 Agatha Harkness's Witch Coven

The Salem witch trials took place in 1693, with WandaVision showing a flashback of this era. This was a reference to Agatha’s origin story in the comics being one of the original witches from the Salem Witch Trials. His overall role was not fully adapted, as the MCU version was shown to be the one under test.

8 Left Out: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as Magneto’s children

Magneto’s status as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s father is common knowledge to comic book fans. This was revealed in The Vision and the Scarlet Witch # 1, with Magneto confirmed as the father until he was retconned in the AXIS history. Still, Magneto has stuck with the role in most of the adaptations.

WandaVision he left this connection entirely, as his parents were shown to be normal Sokovians. They were seen in a flashback to Wanda’s childhood, cementing their role as her parents in this continuity and leaving no chance for Magneto in this position.

7 Referenced: Scarlet Witch who has real magical powers

While not enough predictions were fulfilled by the end, at least it was established that Scarlet Witch has real magical powers. This was a reference to the comics where she was initially said to be a mutant, with a 2015 Amazing avengers history and 2016 Scarlet Witch comics that later revealed that he had genuine magical traits.

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The same, WandaVision established that the powers he obtained from the Mind Stone only amplified his pre-existing abilities. She was always known as Scarlet Witch and she finally accepted this identity.

6 Left Out: Scarlet Witch creating the alternate reality thanks to Quicksilver

WandaVision Episode 5 and House of M

In House of M # 1, Wanda had used her chaos magic powers to create a new reality, where the mutants were free from any persecution. While WandaVision it was something similar, it omitted the fact that it was Quicksilver who convinced Wanda to create this reality.

Instead, the MCU series had Wanda turn Westview into an idyllic reality out of pain. Quicksilver appeared somehow, but he was not the genuine Pietro nor did he participate in Wanda’s actions.

5 Referenced: Vision plans for a family life

Scarlet Witch and the House of Vision

The second half of WandaVision revealed that the house Scarlet Witch had bewitched as hers and Vision’s had been bought by the latter. It was with the intention that they would eventually move there, but her death meant that that never happened.

This was actually a reference to Vision bringing his new wife, Wanda, to live in Leonia, New Jersey in Vision and the Scarlet Witch # 1. The comic had also shown the couple’s attempts to stay away from public disapproving of their union, which was similar to Scarlet Witch’s intentions in WandaVision.

4 Left: Vision that recognizes Ultron as his father

Ultron Vision

WandaVision brought two versions of Vision for fans. What he didn’t do was make Vision recognize himself as Ultron’s “son.” In Avengers Vol. 1 # 57, Ultron had created the Vision with the express intention of having a child of his own.

Vision accepted Ultron as his “father”, but chose to go against his initial antagonistic conditioning. The MCU series only made scant references to Ultron, with only Vision’s background being created by Ultron but not as his son.

3 Referenced: the characters’ comic costumes

WandaVision Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume

The MCU has largely moved away from adapting characters as they are in the comics. This is to prevent superheroes from having a cheesy feel to their appearances. WandaVision made a reference to this idea in his Halloween episode.

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The costumes that Wanda and Vision wore were similar to their usual outfits in the comics. The campy tone was also addressed when the characters were shown deliberately donning these costumes to poke fun at their comic appearances.

two Left Out: Scarlet Witch and the Vision Break

comics vision of the scarlet witch cropped (1)

The characters have been separated many times over the years in the comics. At Avengers disassembled bow, Wanda had also lost control, but Vision had refused to accept her back this time. In another example in Avengers of the West Coast # 42, Vision had been disarmed and considered his marriage to Scarlet Witch annulled after being reassembled.

WandaVision opted to leave this look behind, as the two characters stayed together until Vision faded when Wanda removed Westview’s spell. The White Vision did not break up with Wanda either, as she fled after regaining memories of her past life.

1 Referenced: Speed ​​and Wiccan Powers

MCU WandaVision Twins Wiccan and Speed

There were several questions after the end of WandaVision, with the status of Wanda’s children being one of the most important. In the series, Tommy and Billy were the boys she created in her enchanted world, with references to their powers in the comics.

Tommy and Billy are Speed ​​and Wiccan, respectively, in the original material. The MCU series displayed the same super speed and mystical energy abilities in children, although these were only active within false reality.

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