While the beloved Mercenaries mode from the RE series might not return in Resident Evil Village, it appears Capcom has a multiplayer replacement in mind.

Starring the same main character and maintaining the same first-person perspective, Resident Evil Village seems to be a worthy follow-up to the excellent Resident Evil 7. That game was set with the goal of being a return to the roots of the survival horror franchise after the series, for many years, became a third-person action series. But while Resident Evil 7 proved to be a huge hit with fans, it was missing a popular side-activity that fans had come to expect from the series: Mercenaries mode.

Mercenaries mode, which has existed in various forms, but was perhaps most popular in Resident Evil 4, is an arcade-style survival mode in which players try to stay alive as long as possible and get higher scores by defeating more and more enemies. Often times, the mode has featured many playable characters with different starting abilities and weapons, presenting players with different playstyles and strategies to use in their attempt to score a new high score.

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Mercenaries mode was missing in Resident Evil 7; However, as the game served as a return to the origins of the franchise, it makes sense that Capcom wants to focus on the main game and not an optional derivative mode. With that said, is there any chance that the mercenaries will return for Resident Evil Village? This is what is known so far.

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Is there a possibility that Resident Evil Village includes the Mercenaries mode?

hammer wielding creature from the resident evil village

So far, Capcom has neither confirmed nor denied whether Resident Evil Village will have a mercenary mode. Taking into account the previously appeared third person mode Demonic resident games, it would need a significant reinvention for the game’s new first-person perspective. For that reason, as Resident Evil 7 before, it is likely Resident Evil Village it will not include the beloved arcade mode.

However, fans of Mercenaries mode may not be completely out of luck. Included with Resident Evil Village is a multiplayer online game called Resident Evil Re: Verse, which appears to share similar DNA with mercenaries. For starters, it’s third-person, and players can choose from several different characters from franchise history, such as Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, all of whom have their own set of special abilities and equipment. However, unlike the score attack style of Mercenaries mode, Resident Evil Re: Verse actually pit players against each other in deathmatch style battles. After being killed, players transform into one of the franchise’s signature monsters, such as a Hunter or Tyrant bioweapon, and seek revenge.

It is not the Mercenaries mode itself, but considering that it will be free for buyers of Resident Evil Village, it’s a good inclusion that could cause a similar itch. There is still a chance that the main game will include the Mercenaries mode, in addition to Resident Evil: Reverse. After all, the Demonic resident games often feature unlockable modes or abilities after finishing the story once, so that might be the case with Resident Evil Village, as well.

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