Batman: The Animated Series, BTAS In short, it is one of the most loved animated television shows of all time. It was an exciting and action packed ride on Saturday morning that will never be repeated. There have been many successful superhero animation shows, but BTAS It was easy to see for both children and adults. They told film-quality stories and provided moments of fear, sadness and emotion. However, there were as many laugh-out-loud moments as there were dramatic ones.

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BTAS featured each of Batman’s rogue galleries and typically provided a well thought out backstory for each villain. In the early 1990s, Batman’s popularity grew as the Tim Burton movies came out, the comics got darker, and Batman merchandise spread throughout the stores. BTAS was loosely based on Burton bat Man, which delivered a serious tone mixed with clever humor. That clever humor worked for any age and provided BTAS with countless funny quotes.

10 “Not the robot theory again.” “Well, it could be.” – Joker / Killer Crocodile

Batman animated series Joker Killer Croc

The 1992 episode “Almost Got ‘im” is easily one of the best in the series, which says a lot because almost every episode is entertaining. The episode centers on five of the Dark Knight’s villains sitting around, playing poker, and telling stories about how they nearly caught or destroyed Batman.

Before Poison Ivy arrives, Penguin, Joker, Two-Face, and Killer Croc tell each other their theories about who Batman really is and what he looks like under the mask. Killer Crock asks, “Well, do you know what I think?” and Joker hilariously responds with “Not the robot theory again.” Killer Croc says, “Well, it could be.” The Joker’s disdain for Croc’s absurd take is the gold of comedy.

9 “Let no one panic.” “Okay, start to panic!” – Two faces / Joker

BTAS test two-sided joker

The episode “Trial” is a court hearing for a kidnapped Batman with Arkham prisoners as witnesses, many supervillains as jurors and Joker as judge. The villains claim that it is Batman’s fault that they are bad, but by the end of the hearing, they even realize that it is not their fault and a vote of not guilty is determined. However, Batman and his lawyer are taken to the back room where Joker wants to play the hangman.

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Batman breaks free of his straitjacket after a Batarang turns off the lights, to which Two-Face yells, “Don’t panic!” After Batman catches and hangs Harley Quinn upside down, the Joker nervously responds, “Okay … he’s starting to panic.” Even when nervous, the clown always makes you laugh.

8 “I hate when he does that.” – Commissioner Gordon

BTAS Gordon Batman

Commissioner Gordon and Batman have a special relationship on screen and in the pages of the comics. BTAS He did the same and continued the bond between the two.

At one of the many meetings the two have, Gordon is talking about a special event he has to go to and asks Batman where he can rent a tux. In classic Batman fashion, he disappears in the middle of a conversation without a trace that he was ever there. Although Gordon has gotten used to it, he says sarcastically, “I hate it when he does that.”

7 “Pick a weekend date, sir?” – Alfred

Alfred BTAS Harley Ivy

Another special bond is between Bruce / Batman and his faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred loves Bruce like his son, but he still works for him and is there to help Bruce or Batman at any time. Yet despite his proper manners and serious demeanor, Alfred is one of the funniest characters in the entire Batman lore.

the BTAS Alfred may be the funniest version of the character besides Burton’s Michael Gough. bat Man Movie (s. While checking Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy on the bat-computer, Alfred walks over and asks Bruce, “Are you picking a weekend date, sir?” Alfred adds to the humor of the question.

6 “It was last month …” – Bruce Wayne

BTAS Joker Bruce Wayne Jokers Millions

“Joker’s Millions” is a classic episode in which the Joker inherits a fortune from a dead mob boss. The money allows the Joker to become “legitimate” and to leave his criminal life. The Penguin throws a party for him, and the guest list includes Bruce Wayne. When Bruce passes the Clown Prince of Crime, Joker asks him to join him and orders an expensive bottle for the two to share.

Bruce refuses and tells Joker that the last time they met, he tried to throw him off a building. Joker claims that “it was so long ago”. Bruce reminds him: “It was last month …” The fact that Joker didn’t remember or just didn’t care made it that much more fun.

5 “What was she before she went crazy?” – Harley Quinn / Robin / Batman

Harley Robin Batman BTAS

“Harlequinade” was a unique episode in which Harley teamed up to help Batman and Robin. After taking out some thugs, he asks the caped crusaders, “Did you see the way I handled those idiots?” Harley continues to make the bam and pow sounds and says that Batgirl can eat her heart.

Robin seems confused and asks Batman, “What was she before she went crazy?” To which he replies: “A clinical psychiatrist.” Robin, still confused but understanding, responds, “Go figure.” The future Nightwing had many great lines throughout the series.

4 “Hey! Do I hit your kids?” – Jester

BTAS Joker Old wounds

“Old Wounds” is an infamous episode that tells the true story of why Robin left Batman to become his own superhero, Nightwing. In an episode full of heartache and drama, there are still some classic comedy moments intertwined.

While Joker and Batman fight on a rooftop, Joker’s hyenas attack the Dark Knight, but he is able to push them out of the way. An angry Joker says, “Hey! Do I hit your kids?” before quickly and hilariously realizing that he’s always hitting and hurting Batgirl and Robin.

3 “Yes, I admit it, I am Batman.” – Alfred

BTAS Barbara Alfred Batman

The Joker wasn’t the only comedian involved in the “Old Wounds” episode. When Barbara expresses her concern for Dick, Bruce realizes that she really cares for him and decides to let him know her biggest secret. When the clock is opened, Barbara follows Bruce up the stairs to the Batcave where Alfred is standing there, but doesn’t expect Bruce to have company.

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Alfred notices Barbara and surprisingly admits, “Mrs. Gordon, I see you’ve discovered our little secret. Yes, I admit, I’m Batman.” Barbara clearly doesn’t believe it and Bruce tells Alfred that he’s fine and that he wanted her to know. This hilarious moment is a nice throwback to 1966. bat Man TV show in which Alfred occasionally donned a mask and worked with Batman and Robin.

two “We used to go on a date.” – Poison Ivy / Two-Face

Ivy BTAS two-sided I almost got them

Poison Ivy’s entry into the supervillain game of poker provides one of the best lines in the entire series. When Poison Ivy walks in and sees Two-Face, she says, “It’s been a long time, Harvey. You’re still looking kind of decent.” Two-Face says angrily, “Half of me wants to strangle you.”

Ivy asks what the other half wants. Two-Face still angry replies: “To hit you with a truck.” Ivy then looks at Croc, Penguin, and Joker and says, “We used to hang out,” to which the three supervillains reply with a childish “AH”. Just a classic moment in the history of superhero animation.

1 “Get out of my face, clown!” “Which one?” – Two faces / Joker

Joker Two-Face BTAS Face Joke

“Bruce Wayne’s Strange Secret” has Bruce exploring a clinical resource that had been blackmailing a judge for something he did as a child. Dr. Hugo Strange puts Bruce under a hypnotic spell that reveals his deepest and darkest secret. Strange then calls The Joker, Two-Face, and The Penguin to come and pay a lot of money for Batman’s true identity.

Things go wrong and the supervillains start fighting each other. As Two-Face and Joker fight back and forth, Two-Face says to Joker, “Get out of my face, clown!” The Joker, who is always ahead of the game, hilariously asks, “Which one?” The Joker could always get under Harvey’s skin.

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