If not for the interception of a message from Grievous to Asajj Ventress, the Battle of Kamino might have lost the Republic’s Star Wars Clone Wars.

Season 3 Episode of Star Wars, Clone Wars, “ARC Troopers”, represented the Battle of Kamino, a separatist assault that nearly cost the Republic the entire war. After failing to covertly bypass an outpost on Rishi Moon, the CIS regrouped and launched an attack on the planet Kamino, home to the Republic army cloning center. As the birthplace and training ground of the entire clone army, the capital of Tipoca City was a critical target for the Separatists, and had it not been for the last minute deployment of the 501st Legion, the Republic’s ability to make the war would have been crippled.

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General Grievous’ dual strategy was bold but brilliant, as taking the Republic off guard would allow him to compromise both existing armies and future forces still developing there. The city was poorly protected and the combination of landing craft and submerged water droids would quickly overwhelm the defense forces. After that, taking out the younger, less-trained clones would be easy for the battle-hardened droid army, leaving the CIS to raid the base in search of valuable data files and information on their enemy from the Republic army to. use on the broader scale of warfare. .

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Had the Republic not learned of the assault, its ability to wage war would have been hampered for three main reasons. First, by taking control of Kamino, the CIS would have access to all of the army’s databases, learning the battle tactics and procedures that had been ingrained in the troops for ten years. Second, the existing force of clones across the galaxy would likely be compromised, as Asajj Ventress was tasked with stealing Jango Fett’s DNA clone sequence while the main battle distracted the garrison. With access to the genetic blueprint of the entire Republic army, the Separatists could develop devastating biological weapons specifically targeted at clone troopers. The annihilation of the central fighting force would create a third major challenge for the Republic: the lack of numbers to face the enemy.

Left with a severely diminished standing army, the Republic would have only two options. In Legends, it was revealed that Chancellor Palpatine had commissioned a separate Spaarti cloning center on Centax-2, which would have to be put into action. Doing so would create further problems, as the deployment of this army would raise suspicions about the Chancellor’s intentions to secretly create a separate army, not to mention how he was funding it. Furthermore, since Spaarti’s cloning methods could breed a fully grown clone in just one year, rather than ten, the soldiers were of inferior quality, both in biology and in training. Another option, galactic recruitment, would likely be employed by the Senate, but this would also create a logistical nightmare. Integrating different species, technology and vehicles from entire planets into a cohesive fighting force would take time, time that the CIS could use to gain greater influence in the war.

Instead, the Republic was very lucky and managed to defend itself from the invasion. As shown in the episode “Rookies”, Kamino’s last line of defense, a listening post on Rishi Moon, was easily overrun and the invasion almost went unnoticed. Fortunately, Commander Cody and Captain Rex were on their way to inspect the base and learned of the raid. After the station’s destruction, the Republic was alert for any sign that the fleet would return. Intercepting Grievous’s transmission to Ventress allowed both the 501st Legion’s last-minute deployment to reinforce the garrison and the parking of more Jedi in the city who managed to uncover Ventress’s trick and prevent her from sabotaging the DNA chamber. Without these fortunate events in Star Wars, Clone Wars, the Republic very well would have lost the Clone War.

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