Khloe Kardashian has seen and felt almost every emotion on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Here’s a list of Khloe’s most iconic KUWTK moments.

Members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have spent more than a decade in front of the cameras and have shared countless memorable moments on E! keeping up with the Kardashians. On the list of Kardashian family members, Khloe Kardashian is generally known as the kindest. But the question is, have your best moments been pleasant ones? Let’s take a look at Khloe’s best moments from the past 19 seasons. It’s no mystery that Khloe’s relationship drama was a highlight of the show … but the sweet love bond between Tristan Thompson and Khloe turned incredibly dark pretty quickly. This happened when it was revealed that Tristan was cheating on Khloe.

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The worst part of the Khloe-Tristan cheat drama was her timing, which took place on KUWTK season 15 when Khloe was about to give birth to her daughter True Thompson. With eyes full of hope and expectations for the future, E! 36-year-old Star’s life took a drastic turn. But, the most memorable part has to be Khloé’s reaction to Tristan’s cheating scandal. While all of her sisters were visibly upset about the situation, it was Khloe who kept everyone calm. And the reason he forced himself to do so was because of the arrival of his daughter. This cemented Khloe’s legacy on the show and made her a really bold mother figure on the show.

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It seems like season 15 has been the most difficult time in Khloe’s life, and that’s due to back-to-back tragic incidents in keeping up with the Kardashians. Most bystanders who have owned a pet should know the feeling and attachment that owning comes with. It’s more of a friendship with the elements of parenting, and that’s exactly how Khloe felt for her dog Gabbana. Khloe and her dog had spent years together, so it’s no secret that Khloe was so close to her old furry friend. It was in season 15 that Gabbana grew old and too weak. That’s when Khloe brought her dog to the hospital and was shocked by the reports. Gabbana had developed a rapidly spreading cancer and had to be euthanized to save him from enormous pain. It was difficult for Khloe to handle this situation. It was even more difficult for fans to see this happen, especially since the dog had become a huge part of the keeping up with the Kardashians Serie.

Khloe has always been surrounded by dramas and life events that are very personal. From the time she lived with her father, Khloe has shown that she is quite frank in expressing her feelings. One such incident occurred years later on the show, between Khloe and Caitlyn Jenner. After reading what Caitlyn had written about Kris in her book, Khloé stopped responding to her calls and messages. And even though the two were close in the past, this moment put a great strain on their relationship.

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But it wasn’t just sad things that defined Khloe’s journey in keeping up with the Kardashians. From hanging out with Kourtney to visiting the shooting range with Kendall Jenner, Khloe has shared some of the best moments with her sisters. Khloe was once surprised by her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, on her birthday. Since Kylie is known for giving expensive gifts and surprises, it’s obvious that the birthday party she threw for her sister was big and fabulous. And unsurprisingly, most keeping up with the Kardashians Fans were in awe of the surprise party!

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