There is probably no villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a charisma like Loki. Now slated to star in his own television series, the character has been noted for completing various acts of deception to satisfy his needs and achieve outperforming others through his cunning schemes.

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This has earned him the nickname of the God of Mischief, which is due to a combination of Loki’s mischievous acts and being able to trick his enemies into falling into his traps. There are particular instances in the MCU that best highlight the cheater’s knack for all things chaos and disrupting the system, and they’re worth checking out before watching his solo series.

10 Making Laufey believe that he is giving him Odin

Laufey, Loki’s biological father, had been embroiled in a war with Odin for thousands of years, only to fall into Loki’s trap and die at his hands. Loki accomplished this by making Laufey believe that he was making a deal for Odin’s life and giving Laufey access to Odin’s chambers to kill him.

However, he later used Gungnir to attack Laufey himself, who was powerless over this deception and ultimately torn apart by the son he had once abandoned. The biggest damage done in this situation was the fact that it left Jotunheim without a king and put the planet in disarray.

9 Influence Thor to attack the ice giants

Loki tempts his brother into Thor.

Loki threw the entire Asgardian succession into chaos by influencing Thor to attack Jotunheim. He made Thor believe that he was on his brother’s side in his plan to attack the Frost Giants, prompting him to go ahead with the plan, eventually breaking up the situation in a war between Jotunheim and Asgard.

Loki’s act cost Thor his place as the heir apparent to the throne of Asgard, as well as breaking the spirit of Odin and Frigga which he seized upon to usurp the position of king. With only one clue in Thor’s ear, Loki had made the biggest mess.

8 Commemorating himself while disguised as Odin to make Asgardians like him

Thor Ragnarok Thor Odin Loki

Loki fans love his crazy logic that sees him do ridiculous things. After adopting the appearance of Odin, he went the extra mile by commissioning statues of himself and placing them around Asgard to make it appear that Odin was commemorating Loki.

Loki also had the play known as “The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard” authorized to feed his ego. However, this ended up working out well as the Asgardians began to view Loki as a tragic figure and completely ignored Thor’s arrival in favor of viewing the play.

7 Influence Erik Selvig to direct SHIELD’s plans

If one were to ask Loki himself, he would definitely say that he is better than Thor due to his use of skills and strategy. Loki used his ability for duplicity at the end of Thor, where he influenced Erik Selvig to agree to harness the power of the Tesseract.

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This was his way of ensuring that Selvig continued to test on the Tesseract until Loki could be summoned, which happened the Avengers where he arrived to completely destroy the base and flee with the cube.

6 Harassing Thanos until the Hulk attacked him

Although some argue that his attack on Thanos was pointless, Loki succeeded in his plan for the Titan. His tactic was to make Thanos believe he was on his side, lure him into the allure of the Tesseract, and then have the Hulk attack him.

This worked perfectly, as the Hulk launched the surprise attack on Thanos. Of course, Loki didn’t realize how powerful Thanos was, but there is no doubt that he managed to trick the Mad Titan into his trap.

5 Stab Thor as a child making him believe he was a snake

With the intrepid Thor looking to admire the snake, Loki revealed that it had been the snake the entire time and stabbed his older brother. While this was construed as a joke, the fact that he was so misleading at the age of eight really confirms his title as the God of Mischief.

4 Make the people of Stuttgart kneel before him

While it seemed unnecessary for Loki to put on a huge show of power in Stuttgart, his true fans understand how his pride works. Loki took control of a public place to order the people who were there and force them to kneel before him.

His general intention was to be captured there, but this was also a mischievous way in which Loki sought to assert his dominance while putting on a show with all the people who submitted to his power. He also defeated Captain America for others to see how his hero was just a man while he was a god.

3 Unleashing the Hulk on SHIELD and causing infighting between the Avengers

It seemed as if Iron Man had beaten Loki to subdue him in the Avengers, only for this to be revealed as Loki’s plan. He wanted to get to the SHIELD base to instigate a fight between the Avengers over what to do with him while the mind-controlled Hawkeye destroyed the Helicarrier from the outside.

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This caused Bruce Banner to turn into the Hulk while the Avengers had been consumed by their infighting. When all was said and done, Loki had taken off with the scepter and the Tesseract as the Helicarrier threatened to plummet to the ground.

two Every time he casts multiple illusions of himself

loki illusions in thor cropped

Depending on who you favor, this is Loki’s best and worst trait. He mastered the spell of creating illusions of himself to the point where he faked his demise by making his copy die and come true.

He also used it in his battles, as Loki brought multiple copies of himself during his battle with Thor on the Bifrost Bridge to confuse his brother, as he did not know which Loki was genuine. Loki managed to shake things up each time he cast these illusions, which Thor finally realized was his favorite move.

1 Using the Battle of New York as a way to publicize his victory

Loki stops Hawkeye's arrow

No one can mix malevolence with mischief like Loki does, with the Battle of New York a whole way for him to show how he had defeated the most powerful heroes on Earth. In a way, this was all a giant joke that got out of hand.

The Battle of New York saw the world at Loki’s mercy, and only the sudden arrival of the Avengers caused Loki’s plans to go awry. If it hadn’t been for them, Loki would have become the ruler of Earth and the entire battle would have been his coronation.

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hero villain loki

Thor: 5 times Loki acted like a hero (and 5 times he looked more like a villain)

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