Niantic is currently testing a new feature for Pokémon GO that will allow trainers to see which Pokémon can hatch and the hatching rates.

A new Pokemon go The update will allow trainers to see which Pokémon will hatch from an egg. This is the second quality-of-life change this week, following the news that trainers could get free items and rare Pokémon encounters for recommending their friends. With the addition of 12km eggs, there are now five different variations of eggs in the game that players can hatch for a shot at a Pokémon, both rare and not so rare.

The problem is that the odds of which Pokémon are available in which egg variant are not visible in the game itself. Coaches, therefore, have been requesting a change like this for some time. the Pokemon go The community has gradually discovered which Pokémon hatch from which eggs, sharing the information online. Typically, for a player to see which Pokémon can hatch and at what speed, trainers would have to look up different sources online (some of which are more accurate than others).

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A tweet from Niantic Support The Twitter account revealed yesterday that Niantic is beginning limited testing for a new feature that would allow coaches to see the odds from a source of their own. According to the second tweet, “Trainers included in the test will be able to tap on an egg to see a list of possible Pokémon and their rarity level.“This excited a lot of players because, in the run-up to Pokemon25th anniversary, Niantic has already released a list of new features and events to be held Pokemon go but this change was not one of them.

However, while some coaches have welcomed this news, others have questioned the usefulness of this feature. The tweet only mentions “rarity level, “but not specific percentages. Official hatching rates are not yet known, which has been a problem for Pokemon go players for some time. Some coaches have provided anecdotal evidence and some have even produced some rough estimates, but no official figures have been released. Pokemon go has repeatedly given trainers a greater chance of finding rare Pokémon, but even in those cases, the true odds are yet to be revealed.

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Meanwhile, other trainers have taken this opportunity to ask Niantic to allow them to discard less promising 2 km eggs to clear space for 10 and 12 km eggs, giving them better chances in rare Pokémon. Niantic has never hinted that it would add such features, but there were also no indications that it would allow trainers to preview Pokémon hatches on. Pokemon goSo only time will tell

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Source: Niantic / Twitter Support

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