JD was the main character of Scrubs and the series followed him and his internal monologue through eight seasons in which he became an intern and successfully rose through the Ph.D. hierarchy at Sacred Heart. He had countless friends and was never afraid to give them advice or tell them what he thought, even if they didn’t want to hear it. He would also make observations and give advice to the audience directly in his monologue voice-overs.

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Most of the time, JD did his best to give his friends the best advice he could, but sometimes he interfered in their lives when they didn’t want him to, like his mentor, Dr. Cox, or intentionally gave them. bad advice. Like when he was trying to ruin Elliot’s relationships.

10 Best: Accept change but stick with yourself

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The characters in Scrubs went through countless changes over the years, and while the characters themselves changed and grew throughout the series, most remained true to themselves. JD says that everyone should accept change, but he tries to be true to himself, and it is good advice.

Change is going to happen in life, but sometimes it is difficult to maintain yourself in a new and different situation, but it is essential and helps when you go through an inevitable change.

9 The worst: telling Elliot to leave her boyfriend to be with him

This is an example of how JD selfishly gives his friends advice that may not be the best for them, but is more for him. Elliot listens to her advice and breaks up with her boyfriend to try to be with JD again and the two have a few blissful days before everything goes wrong.

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Worse still, JD realizes that he didn’t really want to be with Elliot and was just jealous of their successful relationship. JD breaks up with Elliot and it took them a long time to reconnect as friends.

8 The best: choose an option that makes you happy and everything will be fine

JD and Elliot were re-ignited throughout the entire series of Scrubs and the two were constantly worried about what other people would think about their relationship. Dr. Kelso tells them that it shouldn’t matter and that it’s good to see that the two are dating again, even though they weren’t officially dating.

They have a conversation about where they want their relationship to go in the future, and JD says that they should do what makes them happy instead of trying to plan everything because if you do what makes you happy, things tend to work out.

7 Worst: stealing a woman’s purse as an icebreaker

Screenshot Scrubs JD holds Alex's hand

JD lists several things he’s done after a breakup when he and Danni wonder if they should try starting a relationship with each other. He mentions a specific “move” he tried in which he stole a woman’s purse, hoping that she would be so happy that he bought her a drink and maybe even had sex with him.

He says it really worked, which means he would probably try it again if necessary, or tell his friends that it really worked so others could try the same terrible act.

6 Best of all: don’t take your support partners for granted

In this episode, JD is fed up with all his friends, who are in a relationship but complain about their partners in one way or another. JD says that everyone should feel lucky to be in a loving relationship rather than just being frustrated with problems in their relationship.

JD says that he would be happy to be in a loving relationship and everyone should be happy to have someone to support them and to talk to, which is good advice that makes everyone think about and appreciate their relationships.

5 The worst: sacrifice your own happiness for your friends

JD scrubs

This advice comes from a good place, but it still isn’t the best long-term advice to follow. It’s a good feeling: Sometimes people should sacrifice their own wishes to help a friend, but if JD, or anyone else, always followed this advice, an unhappy person is most likely resentful of their friends.

Every relationship and every friendship is a balance and full of compromises where there must be an even give and take, and neither person should constantly sacrifice their desires for the other.

4 The best: it’s not always about being the best

Scrubs - JD and Turk

The field of medicine and surgery seemed to always be competitive on the show, as doctors and surgeons always tried to be on top of their peers. JD realized early on that it was not worth fighting with his peers to try to be the best and above all, he was able to focus on being a good doctor without always comparing himself to his peers.

It’s good advice, even if he can’t follow his advice every moment when he’s jealous of doctors who are better than him. But overall, JD was one of the least competitive doctors on the show, when it came to his job.

3 The worst: don’t believe in fate

In the third season episode of “My Butterfly” by Scrubs JD says that he doesn’t believe in fate because he believes that he has more control over what happens and that every action has a reaction. Every doctor obviously has to be careful with how they approach each case and patient care is their responsibility, but the series has also shown the devastation when a character takes full blame for the death of a patient.

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It’s good to take responsibility for patients and try to figure out what went wrong, but sometimes people can’t be saved, and sometimes a doctor does everything right and still can’t help. Maybe a little belief in fate would help the characters move on and stop blaming themselves for things that really aren’t their fault.

two Best thing: telling Dr. Cox to invest in his students

In the last season, JD tells Dr. Cox that he should focus more on his students and try to build them instead of always tearing them down, like when he was teaching and mentoring JD. It’s good advice, although it backfires. .

Dr. Cox takes an interest in his new medical student, Drew, and gives him the positive affirmation that JD has always been looking for in their relationship. Even though JD is jealous of the new development, it was good advice and made Dr. Cox a bit more approachable.

1 The worst: don’t act like yourself at the beginning of a relationship

Screenshot Scrubs JD Turk Hug in Sketch Show

JD says dating is acting like someone else until the person likes you enough that you can reveal who you really are. This is terrible dating advice.

It makes sense not to reveal everything about yourself at the beginning of a relationship, but it doesn’t make any sense to act like someone else only to have your partner like you and then reveal everything. They will most likely get mad that you lied so much in the beginning and will probably break up with you anyway.

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