A new DC Comics anthology series, Wonder Woman: Black and Gold, will offer a stylized look at Amazing Amazon with largely monochrome art.

A new Wonder Woman The comic book miniseries launching this summer will offer a stylized monochrome look for Amazing Amazon, with a series of stunning variant covers from various legendary artists. Wonder Woman: black and gold It will be one of many special series released by DC Comics in conjunction with the 80th anniversary of the creation of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was the brainchild of psychologist William Moulton Marston, who was approached by comic book publisher Max Gaines after Marston published a well-received article denouncing the lack of female heroes in a medium he felt he had. “great educational potential. “Challenged to create a superhero who could appeal to women and be as popular as Superman, Marston drew on his love of ancient Greek mythology to create an Amazon for the new age, who would conquer the world with love instead of with war. Origins have been revised over the years to keep up, the central idea of ​​a strong woman fighting for peace has struck a chord with readers around the world for eight decades, pushing Wonder Woman to become one of the most prominent feminist icons in the world.

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Wonder Woman: black and gold will honor that legacy by offering a variety of stories set throughout the long and varied history of Diana of Themyscira. Stylistically, the series will draw inspiration from previous anthologies such as Batman: black and white Y Harley Quinn: black, white and redBut with the gold from the Wonder Woman costume and the Lasso of Truth trademark that is given visual prominence. As part of the announcement, DC Comics also released the first of four variant covers for the series, created by Jen Bartel, Ramona Fradon, Yanick Paquette, and Joshua Middleton, which can be seen below.

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Cover of Wonder Woman Black And Gold # 1 by Ramona Fradon

Cover of Wonder Woman Black And Gold # 1 by Yanick Paquette

Cover of Joshua Middleton from Wonder Woman Black And Gold # 1

DC Comics has an equally impressive lineup of interior writers and artists lined up to work on. Wonder Woman: black and gold. The first issue will include a story about “the grace that immortality bestows on a hero“which will bring together former collaborators John Arcudi (BPRD) and Ryan Sook (Legion of superheroes). Writer / artist Becky Cloonan (who is also currently working on the monthly Wonder Woman title) will present a “chilling tale“revealing Diana’s greatest weapon. Creator Amy Reeder (Amethyst) will feature a retro story starring Wonder Woman’s best friend Etta Candy. Crazy is my super power writer AJ Méndez Brook and Constantine the Hellblazer Artist Ming Doyle will join forces in a comedic story involving a tense family reunion in Themyscira. Finally, Nadia Shammas and Morgan Beem (Swamp Thing: Twin Branches) will reunite to tell a story about one of Diana’s biggest failures who returns to haunt her.

Based on the covers and these descriptions, this first issue of Black and gold it will be a comic no Wonder Woman fan will want to get lost. The miniseries is scheduled to run in six issues, with the first issue launching in comic book stores and online on June 22. This should have the final issue in December 2021, just in time for the actual 80th anniversary of the first Wonder Woman movie. appearance in the December 1941 issue of All Star Comics.

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